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Join the Banshee Creek Conspiracy and get the FREE Ghost Hunters After Dark novelette series.

These paranormal investigations are sweet, romantic, and hilariously spooky!

One Night with the Golden Goddess -- A skeptical archaeologist, a sexy SEAL turned paranormal investigator, and a mischievous fertility goddess...what could possibly go wrong?

 One Night in the Mummy's Lair -- She's looking for a mummy, but she finds something even scarier -- love. And more...


  1. I enjoyed the story and thought how awesome got definitions of some of the cards and different spreads for tarot reading and other fortune telling ways to read.
    I look forward to the next book in the banshee creek series.

  2. I also enjoyed finding your writing about the banshee creek characters the merry Christmas was a good book the cole ghost and claire I hope are characters that maybe make up their own story or a book I like how you are tacking on the end of books

  3. Loved the first 2 books. I like how the main characters in book 1 are in book 2 but in a minor way. The story line of paranormal is great!

  4. I just read My ghostly valentine. I thought it was romantic and funny, and it's nice to say, payback is a bitch!

  5. Just finished My Ghostly Valentine and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to reading more of your books.