Creepyfabulous TV and Movie Houses

My books are set in the fictional Virginia town of Dogwood Falls, a town full of lovely houses, friendly people, and ghosts. Lots and lots of ghosts. As a result, I spent a lot of time researching spooky, freaky, witchy houses.

My inspirations were Stars Hollow, the home of the Gilmore Girls and Halliwell Manor the house from the TV show Charmed. Lately, I've been obsessed with the Beauchamp House from Witches of East End. Judging from my blog visitor count, I'm not the only person interested in supernatural real estate.

I've done a couple of house tours from my favorite shows. I toured the house from Witches of East End (kitchen and dining room), and the living room and bedrooms. I also did a post on the werewolf lodge from Bitten, and the L.A. penthouse and beach cottage from Lucifer.

But I find most of my inspiration houses on other blogs. Here are a few of my research links. I'm limiting this to supernatural real estate, so visit the Hooked on Houses blog (my favorite blog, bar none) for other (read mundane) TV/movie houses. Julia's posts on the Gilmore Girls and Father of the Bride houses are fabulous.

Here are the houses:

Cat's apartment from Beauty and the Beast. (via BATB Writers). This is a house tour by the show writers. It's pretty cool. They also did Vincent's warehouse.)

The house from the Addams Family TV Show (via Hooked on Houses).

The TrueBlood sets. (via More Ways to Waste Time. Warning: gratuitous shot of Alexander Skarsgard naked in a bathtub.) The LA Times covered the glam season 4 interiors.

The house from Practical Magic. (via Hooked on Houses)

Anne Rice's New Orleans Mansion. (via Curbed)

The house from Bewitched The Movie. (via Hooked on Houses)

The house from Bewitched The TV Show. (via Hooked on Houses)

Buffy Summers' bungalow home at 1630 Revello Drive. (via The Findery)

The Thriller house. (via Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil)

Official Halliwell Manor house tour. Charmed Central has the Halliwell Manor interiors. (via Charmed Central). Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil covered the exteriors here. Hooked on Houses peeked inside the house here.

The L.A. house from the first season of American Horror Story. (via Hooked on Houses)

The house from Beetlejuice. (via Hooked on Houses)

The houses in Twilight. (via Hooked on Houses)

The house in New Moon. (via Hooked on Houses)

Breaking Dawn's Brazilian honeymoon house. (via Hooked on Houses)

Edward and Bella's honeymoon cottage from Breaking Dawn 2. (via Hooked on Houses) Cote de Texas' post on the cottage is amaze balls. It includes the nursery furniture and the books.

The house from Nightmare on Elm Street. (via Hooked on Houses)

The Halloween house. (via Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil)

The house from What Lies Beneath. (via Hooked on Houses)

The house that inspired The Interview with the Vampire. (via Anne Rice. This video is really cool because she talks about how the house inspired her)

The house from Dark Shadows, the original TV series. (via Hudson Valley Ruins)

Manderley. Need I say more? (via Hooked on Houses)

The house from the 'Burbs. (via Between Naps on the Porch. Check out her posts on Storybook Homes. Those houses are gorgeous.)

Disney's various Haunted Mansions (via Doombuggies. Warning: this site is a time suck.)

Syfy's Being Human house tour. (This video is hilarious. They have a fake real estate agent do the voiceover and add in series footage. Great idea)

The amazing beach house from The Uninvited. (via Hooked on Houses)

Laura Palmer's Dutch Colonial from Twin Peaks (via Hooked on Houses) It's for sale, and someone has a Kickstarter campaign to collect funds to turn it into a Twin Peaks themed B&B.