Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Link Fiesta - Conflict

I'm working hard on my WIP's internal conflict. It's absolutely vital to a romance novel and I'm having some difficulty developing it. Here are some helpful links I've found.

Maisey Yates on the elements of a perfect black moment and internal conflict.

Waiting For The Call blog on internal vs. external conflict.

Harlequin Presents is a category line that really focuses on the hero-heroine relationship. Here are some tips on how to develop internal conflict.

Gratuitous House Link: Nacho Figueras' house in Buenos Aires. The decor can best be described as glamorous gaucho. There's a Chesterfield sofa and a cowhide Courvoisier lounge chair. I've never read a romance where the couple makes out in a Courvoisier lounge chair. Someone should write one, but it will not be me.