Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tour the House from The Witches of East End - Part I - Kitchen and Dining Room

I watched the Witches of East End this weekend. I loved it. Julia Ormond and Madchen Amick are fabulous as bickering sisters. The plot seems pretty standard for a paranormal show, but it has a couple of cool twists. Most, importantly, the sets are to die for. I guess I have a new favorite show now. 

The show feels a lot like my old favorite, Charmed. It even has a gorgeous Victorian house.

Adorable isn't it? The interiors aren't as quaint as in Charmed, but they're still lovely.
Here's a shot of the kitchen.

The set designers are mixing old and new. The tile around the fireplace looks very modern, but the buttercream cabinetry (and the de rigueur farm sink) has a vintage vibe. I like the mismatched chairs. They give the kitchen a casual air. Also, the dining set looks like Pottery Barn, which gives the kitchen a contemporary look.

The kitchen is nice, but my favorite room is the dining room.

The wainscotting is fabulous. I also like all the aqua, teal and green. The show's palette seems to be Victorian Emily Henderson, which is perfect for me.

Julia Ormond's character is an artist. That's why there's so much art on the walls. She also has an extensive Majolica collection. I lust after her pottery. It's gorgeous. If I were an immortal witch I would totally collect Majolica.

There's an artist's nook next to the kitchen. I love the window seat.

This is Julia Ormond's dressing/sewing room. I like the painting over the fireplace and the paisley room divider.

The show website has a photo of the living room set. The fireplace is gorgeous.

I really like the set design in this show. I hope to see some bedroom shots in the upcoming episodes. If you're interested in other witchy Victorian houses, Hooked on Houses featured the Practical Magic house and there's a Halliwell Manor (from Charmed) photo bucket.

Update: Episode 6 featured three new rooms, including the girls' bedrooms. I wrote a new post featuring the bedrooms.

Another update: If you like the post, check out the ones I did on the L.A. penthouse and beach cottage in Lucifer.

All pics are property of Lifetime Television.