Friday, February 12, 2016

Lucifer's Los Angeles Penthouse

Let's face it. Things have been hard in the paranormal real estate world lately. There was the fabulous house in Witches of East End, which I loved. Then there was the awesome werewolf lodge in Bitten. After that, there was...


Absolutely nothing.

Until now.

Now, after a long and painful drought, we have...Lucifer.

The show is funny and witty. The concept is Castle, but with Satan as Richard Castle. Yes, I know it's supposedly based on the Vertigo comic book series, but, let's be honest, it bears little resemblance to those books.

As in the comic books, Lucifer leaves Hell to become a nightclub owner, but, unlike the comics, he also decides to solve crimes with a sexy sidekick. The show is a lot of fun, but the best part is the sets.

So, without further ado, I leave you with Satan's very own L.A. penthouse.

The apartment decor is very interesting. The most eye-catching feature is the antique stone walls with Sumerian engravings. It's the first thing you see when you walk in. They are framed by a piano and a huge bar.

Here's a closer look at the walls. There's a flowery mural that references (I guess? Because Lucifer doesn't strike me as the flowery type?) Eden. There's also a bowl of apples on the piano. I guess they are souvenirs from Lucifer's glory days.

The choice of decor is interesting. There is no medieval-style representations. There is no Hieronymus Bosch. This Lucifer is more of a pre-Christian Middle Eastern deity. It's interesting. As a folk and myth nerd, I wish they would walk us through the decor choices.

Here's the bar, which is huge and has color-coordinated bottle labels. I wonder if Maze was in charge of matching the labels?

Overall, I like the set concept very much. It presents Lucifer as, primarily, a sybarite interested in worldly pleasures like alcohol, sex, and music.

Then a rival angel arrives. I don't remember this guy's name so I'll refer to him as The Guy Who Used to Be in Buffy or TGWUtBiB.

When TGWUtBiB arrives the camera turns to the view from Lucifer's apartment. I like this shot, because it's not about pleasure any more. It's about power.

The view, btw, is fantastic.

Lucifer crosses the apartment to sit down in front of his visitor. This would usually be a position of relative weakness or vulnerability, but...

It also places him in front of his library. The books are next to one of the Sumerian murals. Suddenly, Lucifer doesn't look so weak anymore. He is flanked by symbols of his power and knowledge.

Very clever.

Here's another shot, focusing on the view. Very cool.

I'm not entirely sold on the concept behind the series. Lucifer becomes a criminal detective...why? Because he likes punishing the wicked? Wouldn't he be better off in Hell, then? I mean, that's pretty much the concept behind the place, isn't it?

But the show is smart and the writing is good. So I'll keep watching. What about you?

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