Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cover Trends - Cabin Covers by RaeAnne Thayne and Robyn Carr

I really like the cabin in this cover. It's gorgeous.

It's a great cover for a small town contemporary, it's sweet and attractive, but the rusticity keeps it from becoming cloying.

It seems to be part of a new house cover trend in romance novels. I think it started with Robyn Carr's Virgin River series. Here's one of her covers.

It has the same elements as the Thayne cover, a cabin in front a river, in fact, it could be two shots of the same house. However, the covers have completely different connotations. The Thayne book feels sweet and the Carr book feels stormier. I would expect the Carr book to deal with a darker subject, maybe a returning soldier with PTSD or a heroine running away from an abusive husband. The cover artists have taken similar elements, but created totally different moods. I'm impressed.

Here's another Carr cover. I like the sunny feel, but I don't really get the flowerpot.

Robyn Carr even has an interior shot cover for the same book.

It's the same house, but one cover has the exterior and another has the interior. I like the antler lamp. It's a much better detail than the flowerpot.  I would expect the yellow cover to be a better seller, though, it's much more attractive.

I wonder why there's so many cabins, though. I hope they expand and cover different houses. I would love to see some pretty farmhouses.

I really like this trend and I hope it continues. Sadly, the last cover trend I liked did not catch on. Behold, the clawed-foot tub cover:

Isn't is gorgeous? I think we need more of these.