Monday, July 8, 2013

Link Fiesta

Sarah Mayberry on writing the ordinary heroine.

Ferris Bueller's Ferrari is up for auction. They expect it to fetch at least $100,000. Yes, I'm doing book research.

The luxury log cabin is now a thing. Isn't "luxury log cabin" an oxymoron?

A great remodel in the Virginia Piedmont. This post proves that ranch houses can look amazing. This kitchen is freaking fantastic.

My family came to visit for Fourth of July weekend. We ate at Jaleo, a Spanish restaurant in DC. Their white sangría is amazing. Here's the recipe. The recipe calls for brandy, but the server told us that the restaurant uses Licor 43, a Spanish liqueur made from orange blossoms, citrus and vanilla. I use Cointreau in my sangría, but I'm going to try out the Licor 43.