Monday, June 2, 2014

Into The Woods!

Last weekend we got to see one of my favorite musicals: Into the Woods! It's a great musical, although my husband concluded that the second half is a bit like The Walking Dead. Still, it's a very interesting take on classic fairy tales. And it has great songs to boot!

It was produced by a local theatre company, NextStop in Herndon, VA.  The production was excellent and the set design was perfect. The play wasn't set in a wood, it was set in a library! I thought that was very appropriate and creative.

The theatre is located in strip mall. It's not glamorous but the cheaper strip mall rents make a lot of creative endeavors possible. The Northern Virginia strip malls are treasure troves. You can find cheap (and delicious!) ethnic restaurants, boutiques that sell beautiful saris and Chinese porcelain, and fun theatre companies.

And you can also find local cider.

All in all, a great evening.