Thursday, September 4, 2014

BrickFair 2014

How did I not know about this event? I've been living in Virginia for more than a decade and my kids have been LEGO fanatics for more than a couple of years, and, yet, this is the first year we've attended BrickFair, the annual con for Virginia LEGO fans.

Spoiler: it was fantastic.

We saw some pretty amazing castles.

My boys loved the airplanes and helicopters.

My favorite was the Phoenix replica from Battle of Planets. So cool.

There was even a working tornado. I kid you not, this thing spun around. Very creative.

And where there's a tornado, there must be.... Sharknados!

It's a great event and it travels around the country. If you see one in your neck of the woods, give it a try.

All (blurry, amateurish) photographs belong to me. I can't blame anyone else.