Monday, April 6, 2015

Link Fiesta

Interesting look at how hybrid publishers like Entangled and Booktrope manage their businesses. Liz Pelletier's comments are fascinating:

I’m not afraid to try and create a trend because we can put out books very fast, faster than New York.  I asked Jennifer Armentrout to write a book about aliens and high school and she was skeptical whether anyone would read it.  But we supported Obsidian before it hit the USA Today bestseller list by acquiring similar books to position them to release within a similar time frame and then creating hype around the new genre with marketing and pr.
Fabulous podcast by Kristin Harber who sold her first three books in the delivery room and talks about how she parlayed her political campaign experience to selling books.

A great post on promos that still work (with interesting data about how some of the book newsletters work, did you know that BKnights relies on covers? I didn't.)