Sunday, October 25, 2015

Paranormal Romance Blog Tour Book Review: K.M. Carroll's Malevolent

The Paranormal Romance Blog Tour continues and today I am featuring a book review. Malevolent is a YA paranormal romance with an unusual protagonist and a well-developed magic system. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you will too.

Our heroine, Libby, lives in a simple farmhouse in her parents’ California almond farm. She had a dog named Suki and an insufferable leech of a boyfriend, Robert (you won't even believe how annoying Robert is, he inspires epic levels of irritability).  She wants to break up with her boyfriend (and, really, we can't even blame her even before we find out the truth about Robert) but a debilitating bout of Valley Fever makes that curiously impossible.

Then a mysterious young beekeeper, Mal, arrives to pollinate her father’s crop and everything changes.

Mal is undead, a soulless predatory creature, whose tenous grip on humanity depends on the magic bees he’s raised. He immediately recognizes that Libby’s malady is not of this world, and, although reluctant to develop an attachment to a human, decides to help her.

But Mal’s past catches up with him and a necromantic conspiracy threatens to destroy both him and Libby. Will they survive? Will Mal recognize that the loves Libby? Will Libby be able to handle her new knowledge about the magic that underlies her world? Or will she turn away from it?

Malevolent is an engrossing YA paranormal romance (light on the romance, heavy on the paranormal) with an unusual setting and an extremely creative magic system.  Libby is a sympathetic and smart protagonist (she figures out the undead thing pretty quick, and her research with best friend Tiffany is one of the highlights of the book) and Mal is enigmatic but sweet (pun intended). Even the hives have their own personality (the bees are awesome).

Overall, Malevolent is a very good read and the start to a thrilling new paranormal YA series.