Monday, November 2, 2015

A Banshee Creek Day of the Dead Party!

I posted this during the Paranormal Romance Lovers' Dia de los Muertos party, but it's such a good introduction to the town of Banshee Creek that I decided to repost it her. Enjoy. 

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! Happy Day of the Dead! I know, it sounds like a bit of an oxymoron. But the Día de los Muertos (or Día de los Fieles Difuntos as we call it in Puerto Rico) is meant to be a joyous occasion. It's a day to remember deceased family members and honor their memories, but also a time to celebrate life, family and traditions.

This juxtaposition of magic, remembrance, and joy is very typical in Latin America culture, where the line between magic and reality sometimes gets very blurry.  We are, after all, the culture that gave rise to magic realism. It’s also very much present in my books. My paranormal small town romances are very much rooted in reality and they deal, not with supernatural creatures, but with ordinary humans dealing with magic in their everyday lives.

So, today, I decided to take advantage of the Day of the Dead festivities and use them to introduce you to my magical town of Banshee Creek, Virginia. Tonight we’re going to find out how Banshee Creek would celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Welcome to my little town. Strange things happen in Banshee Creek and love is the strangest one of all.

The most eye-catching feature in a Dia de los Muertos party is the traditional calavera or sugar skull costume.  This is an intense make-up job and, let’s face it, it takes a certain kind of person to pull it off. That’s why it would be perfect for Elizabeth, the heroine of Ghost of a Chance. She used to be a B-movie actress in Hollywood and she loves make-up.  She’s now in charge of Banshee Creek’s real estate agency, but I’m sure she’d love to let her hair down and relive her glory days with this makeup tutorial.

Music is an integral part of any Latin American celebration and Abby, the singer heroine of Must Love Ghosts, is sure to bring some tunes to the party. Her band, The Space Cowboys specializes in country-folk music, particularly ghost stories and traditional spooky ballads, so I’m sure she’d love this song from the Book of Life soundtrack. They did a great job incorporating the meaning of the holiday (and the traditional makeup and festivities) into the video.

It wouldn’t be a party without delicious food, and The Day of the Dead is known for its sugary treats. The heroine of My Ghostly Valentine, Patricia, is the town baker and she loves coming up with a twist on traditional recipes. I’m sure she’d bake some sugar skull cookies and pumpkin empanadas to mark the occasion.

And, of course, we also need drinks. The local pizzeria is know for its exotic cocktails and its owner, Zach, the hero of the book is quite the mixologist. He’ll probably make some Marigold Muerte drinks. I love the mix of vinho verde and limoncello. It sounds delicious!

Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the Banshee Creek-style Dia De Los Muertos party.

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