Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Mysterious Virginia Devil Monkey

My holiday romance, Snowbound with Ghost, is out. This Banshee Creek love story features a second chance romance, an epic snowstorm and...a Virginia Devil Monkey.

What the heck is a Virginia Devil Monkey, you ask?

The Virginia Devil Monkey (also known as the Goochland or Saltville Devil Monkey) is the Dogwood State's very own cryptic. Legend says its a medium-sized ape-like creature with glowing eyes and kanganroo-like legs. It's like a hairy chupacabras, but without the nasty bloodsucking. Lost Tapes did an episode about them.

People have theorized that the animals involved in sightings are actually raccoons or coyotes. They may even be troops of fugitive baboons or macaques. There's been numerous sightings of devil monkeys across North America but Virginians have rushed to claim it as their own. Goochland, VA even had its own Devil Monkey Ice Cream Parlor for a while.

Naturally, the Devil Monkey has been sighted around Banshee Creek (honestly, what hasn't been seen around this town? Ghost, brownies, Mothman...the list goes on), and when Lily Holroyd starts hearing strange noises outside her cabin, one thing immediately comes to mind.

It's the Devil Monkey!

You can read more about Lily and her Devil Monkey adventures in Snowbound with Ghost, a holiday romance with a paranormal twist. You can buy the book through Amazon (it's available for free on Kindle Unlimited) or read an excerpt here.

Trapped with the Hollywood Hellion

Stuck in a snowstorm is bad. Stuck in a snowstorm with the ex-boyfriend you sort-of, kind-of betrayed is even worse. But an otherworldly storm may give Lily Holroyd a chance to reconnect with her old flame, Hollywood heartthrob Sebastian Franco... if they survive the night, that is.