Monday, January 4, 2016

Link Fiesta

Bree Bridges tweeted her favorite apps and services. I use Instafreebie, Dreamstime, and PicMonkey and they are awesome. I would however add Deposit Photos (they have huge sales sometimes and it's worth keeping an eye out for those) and Scrivener to that list.

What could happen if you worked as hard as you possibly could. I'm thinking a lot about this post as I plan my 2016. I worked pretty hard last year but there were a lot of interruptions (my husband got a new job, we had to remodel and sell our house, we moved across the country, my kids changed schools) and I also had a huge learning curve (writing, editing, formatting, Wattpad, social media, etc...) so I wonder what's going to happen this year.

A handy list of romance tropes.

It's goal-setting time. At this time of year I always look at Scott Adams' post on goals vs. systems. It sounded a bit odd to me at first because I like begin able to cross things off my list. I like goals. However, the self-publishing environment is pretty turbulent so I think systems may work better than goals.