Friday, January 22, 2016

The #Snowmaggedon Reading List

So winter is finally here (for real!) and many of us can look forward to being snowed in this weekend with (hopefully) lots of great books to read. If you’ve stuffed your pantry with hot cocoa and marshmallows but haven’t done the same with your kindle, this post is for you. Want some #Snowmaggedon reading material? Check out the snowbound romance.

 From Nora Roberts’ The Return of Rafe MacKade to Kristen Ashley’s The Gamble, the snowbound trope is a perennial winter favorite. Something about it – the forced proximity, the inclement weather, the endless bickering – keeps us coming back for more.

My favorite snowbound romance is The Gamble where London native Nina Sheridan decides to vacation in the Colorado Rockies. A sudden snowstorm leaves her stranded and bedridden in Holden Maxwell’s cabin and, well, the inevitable happens. Ashley’s trademark humor and her luscious descriptions of Max’s gorgeous home make this book a keeper.

My second favorite is Nora Roberts’ The Return of Rafe McKade, part of her McKade Brothers’ trilogy. The snowbound scene in the book is actually pretty short, but it is quite memorable because the house they are stuck in is haunted. Yep, I love haunted houses.

I recently read (and loved!) Alexa Riley’s Snow and Mistletoe, which also includes a snowbound theme (and a Beauty and the Beast trope, which is also one of my favorites!). In this book an online publisher falls in love with his sexy audiobook narrator. He doesn’t dare tell her how he feels, but one night she ends up stranded with him in his secluded cabin and he finally makes his…no, wait, he doesn’t.  She does. The book doesn’t have a haunted house in it, but it’s still absolutely fantastic.

When I started writing this post I realized that I didn’t know many paranormal romances with a snowbound theme. Two of my favorite books (Kresley Cole’s Dark Needs at Night's Edge, and Christine Feehan’s Dark Desire) have forced proximity themes, but they have no snow (sad face emoji). I think that's why I wrote Snowbound With Ghost. There aren't enough snowbound paranormals out there.

I also asked some of my readers for snowbound romances with a paranormal theme and they gave me a couple of recommendations, including An Immortal Christmas by Monica Laporta, Snowbound by Maeve Morrick, and Snowbound With The Bear and Santa Paws by Harmony Raines. These are definitely going into my #Snowmaggedon reading pile.

Stay warm and happy reading!

Image by Morguefile