Sunday, July 17, 2016

#ComedyBookWeek Book Review of Barb Taub's One Way Fare

Five Stars!!! (or ghosts, I should probably do a ghost scale for my reviews)

My first #ComedyBookWeek is not exactly a humor novel. Well, you guys know we do things a little differently here at Chez Gonzalez. This book is a roaring time-travel adventure with trains, angels, arson, humor, romance and lots of action and explosives. It's fantastic.

Gaby Parker and Leila Rice are stark opposites. Gaby is an analytical  nurturer, working as a temp accountant while raising her siblings. Leila is a spoiled rich girl who just inherited a French castle. But they have two things in common, mysterious powers and deadly enemies.

When shadowy forces track them down, Leila and Gaby enter a Gaimanesque world of magic subways, mystical knives, magical treasures and deadly dangers. The girls are brave and plucky though, and they quickly learn to manage the hazards of time travel and heavenly politics. But, as the forces of good and evil gather for a showdown, Leila and Gaby must figure out which side they’re on and who they can trust.

The answer may be, no one.

One Way Fare is a rip-roaring, time-travel adventure featuring snarky heroines dealing with their unreliable allies and dark legacies. From Leila’s majestic (if somewhat ramshackle) French castle to Gaby’s rock-star clients, the book has plenty of urban fantasy glamour. The main draw, however, is the heroines’ sharp humor and the patchwork worldbuilding featuring gold-rush San Francisco, Victorian subway stations, and the French countryside. The action is non-stop with plenty of thrills and spills. A great read all-around.

BTW, One Way Fare is FREE!! Grab it while you can.

You should also try Barb's Don't Wash Hands in Plates, a hilarious travel memoir about India, friendship, and food. It's incredibly funny and sweet and it has elephants in it.