Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Fortune Telling Tea Shop From Madame Antoine

So I was doing some research for the second book in my Main Street Witches series, Fortune Favors The Witch and finding pretty much nothing inspiring. There's a lot of vintage fortune teller material out there, but the main character in the book, Luanne, is a very modern kind of fortune teller. She trades stocks and has an astrology app and, like everybody else in Banshee Creek, mixes material from different cultures and traditions. Finding a good fit was hard.

Then I came across Madame Antoine, a Korean drama about a fortune teller and a research psychologist. The series is adorable. The actors are charming and sweet and the plot is intriguing.

And the sets.

The sets are amazing, particularly Madame Antoine's tea shop. It's adorable. 

Madame Antoine has a little fortune telling alcove with a glass beaded curtain and plush upholstered chairs. I love everything about it. It's bohemian and cozy and charming.

Here's another viewpoint. Notice the giant birdcage on the left.

The tea shop has the lower level of the building and it seems to be underground. Here's the entrance.

 And here's the waiting room.

Madame Antoine also has a small kitchen with a gorgeous cupboard full of vintage china. I love it.

Here's a close-up of the beaded curtain. I absolutely adore this curtain.

Here's a closer look at Madame's upholstered chair. I love how the dark contemporary fabric looks against the lighter vintage elements in the room. Very well done.

There's lots of tiny details like that. For example, the tea shop has an antique phone!

Madame's bedroom loft is also outfitted in a vintage style. It's Korean Anthropologie!

Here's a look at the other side of the tea shop. It's dark and masculine with a rustic feel. I imagine that this is a more traditional Korean tea shop look. The contrast probably works in Madame's favor as her fortune telling alcove feels magical in comparison.

This goes to show. You never know where you'll find inspiration. You can check out Madame Antoine through the Dramafever site/app. Hungry for more fortune-telling fabulousness? Fortune Favors The Witch will be out later this week. You can check out an excerpt here. Or you can purchase the first book in the Main Street Witches series, Here Comes the Witch, here.