Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stevie Nicks Concert!!!

Last night we attended the Stevie Nicks concert with The Pretenders. It was my first Stevie concert and I was really excited, but I really didn't know what to expect.

It was amazing. There were intriguing visuals (mini-movies screened on the back wall with ornate frames, dropping chandeliers, light changes, iconic images like goddesses and owls), fantastic solos, and vintage Stevie details and trademark eccentricity.

She wore the Belladonna throw and went on a ten minute spiel about how it was made from silk chiffon and was practically indestructible. She talked about her days in Fleetwood Mac and her solo career and how she always wanted to be a part of Tom Petty's band, but he didn't let her because "there were no girls in Tom Petty's band." She performed a moving, heartbreaking tribute to Prince.

There was a crescent moon, and squiggles, and faeries. Yes, the pic sucks, but it was wonderful. Trust me.

Her style was impeccable and her signature blonde mermaid hair did not move throughout the performance. I don't know, how she managed that. Was it magic or did she glue her bangs to her forehead.

Rhiannon definitely was magic and her Landslide practically made me cry.

I know I've overused the word "magic" twenty-thousand, but, really, no other term fits. "Enchanting" is not strong enough. "Thrilling" does not really do justice to the enthralling spectacle. It was, quite simply, magic.