Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grocery Bookshelf 5/22/2012

I seldom look at my grocer's books section. However, I couple of weeks ago I stopped and looked through the books. I found an interesting Alexandra Ivy book and bought it. I hadn't heard of her before, and the fact that grocery carried four(!) of her books (really, they gave her half a shelf) intrigued me.

I wonder how those books are chosen and how quickly they sell. I'm going to keep an eye on my grocery store bookshelf and see if I find any trends.

Today's bookshelf:

Things are selling! Almost no paranormals left. Lots of Amanda Quicks and Johanna Lindseys. I wonder why? Did they just arrive or are they languishing?

Also, most of the covers fall in two broad categories: lady-in-swirly-dress and half-naked-guy. The Julia London blue gown cover and the Elizabeth Hoyt yellow cover really pop out. These authors also have very few books left (one and two, respectively) on the shelf. I wonder if the covers have anything to do with that. The Amanda Quick and Johanna Lindsey covers are very pale and creamy in comparison. I wonder if that's a bad thing. I like the creamy covers a lot and I hope they sell by next week.

What's selling at your grocery store? Have you ever bought a book there? What cover do you like the best?