Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspiration - Jewelry

I need a braided bracelet for my book. It's going to be a protection totem. Unfortunately, it has to be handmade. It also has be a simple craft because children are going to be making them. I am straddling a thin line between bohemian gypsy and sixth grade schoolgirl, and I really, really want to stay away from middle school.

First, I considered this:

But that looked very middle-schooly. I feel like I could have made that at summer camp.

Then, I considered this:

I liked this one. It stills feel handmade but it's a bit more sophisticated. It is, however, a bit bland. Would you rely on that to stop a demon attack? Not really.

Then I saw these:

These are amazing! They are bright and colorful. They also look like they are easy to make. I could picture children putting these together. I could also see them as demon-retardant. They are fierce. The different color and pattern combinations also make them very versatile.

I'm going with the third option. Although, I will probably use number two for males. Or I could do a very, very thin, close-fitting bracelet for the males. Mmmmm.

Which bracelet option do you like best?

All images by Madewell.