Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Movie Review - Hallmark Channel's The Makeover

We watched The Makeover last weekend. I loved it. It's a reversed "My Fair Lady" retelling in a political setting. I even love the character names, Julia Stiles is Professor Hannah Higgins and Sam Walton is Eliott Doolittle. The move takes place in Boston and Eliott's thick accent is spot on. Yes, he says "paaahked."

Hannah runs for Congress on an education reform platform, but her stiff manner and obsession with proper grammar make her an unpopular candidate. Enter, Mr. Doolittle, a laid-back beer delivery guy (Sam Adams joke, love it). Can Hannah turn this diamond in the rough into a viable political candidate? Or will she lose the election and lose her heart?

The movie was charming and sweet. The actors had great chemistry and the Boston setting was spectacularly well done. Elliot's sister is hilarious.

I loved this movie. I highly recommend it.