Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Movie Review: Lifetime's The Twelve Trees of Christmas

This movie should have been called "A Bookworm Christmas." Or maybe "How the Grinch Stole the Library." It's about people who love Christmas, but not as much as they love books.

I loved every single cheesy minute of it.

Cheri (played by Lindy Booth) is the children's librarian at the Shaughnessy Library, which is located somewhere in Manhattan. Or, rather, in a set in Toronto that stands in for Manhattan. Let's call it Canadian Manhattan or CGI Manhattan. Anyway, the historic Shaughnessy Library is going to be demolished and turned into luxury condos and Cheri is devastated.

So she comes up with a scheme to get Mrs. Shaughnessy, the owner of the building, to stop the demolition. The library patrons will all create charming Christmas trees illustrating how important the library (and, by extension, books) is to the community, and Mrs. Shaughnessy will judge the contest. Unfortunately, Mrs. Shaughnessy's son, Tony (played by Robin Dunne) is set on turning the building into rubble. Will Cheri's Christmas tree contest win over Tony and Mrs. Shaughnessy?

Of course it will!

The leads have absolutely no chemistry and the paint-by-numbers plot is a snooze, but the movie is as charming as an off-key caroler. The holiday spirit is everywhere, from Cheri's silly outfits to the holly draped sets. The wood-paneled library is adorable. I wish I worked there.

It truly is a Bookworm Christmas. I loved it.