Saturday, November 23, 2013

Witches of East End Recap - Episode 7

This was a great episode with an ominous ending. The characters are really coming together and the action is non-stop.

We start with Wendy tied to a chair. Her arms are bleeding and she is in pain. Ingrid walks around her, she is carrying a pot full of a red liquid. She dips her finger in the liquid. The gesture is ominous.  Wendy tells her that this isn’t the real Ingrid. Ingrid smirks and says that this is the real her. Ingrid soaks her hand in the red liquid then stabs it into Wendy’s chest.

Title credits.

Freya and Killian are in a closet doing inventory. They bump into each other. Sexual tension spikes.  A drop of sweat slides down Freya’s arm. Killian catches it. They embrace and kiss.

Freya wakes up. She’s in Dash’s bed. Dash tells her that she’s been talking in her sleep. Freya freaks out.

Credits roll. Fredie Prinze Jr. is in this episode. Bug boy is back! Awesome.

We’re now in the Beauchamps kitchen, my favorite place in the world. Freya is looking through the spellbook looking for a cure for her sleep talk. Ingrid walks in and opens the fridge. The talk about Killian. Blah, blah, blah, sleep talk, blah, blah, blah Dash can never find out. Ingrid takes a porcelain sangria pitcher out of the fridge. Love the pitcher, but isn’t it a bit early? She pours orange juice into a glass. Whoa, way to waste a perfectly good sangrĂ­a pitcher. Ingrid shows Freya the dream control spell. Wendy walks in and Ingrid leaves quickly. Wendy is confused and hurt. She tells Freya that she went with Joanna to the Fair Haven catacombs and they got rid of the rameus morteus. Joanna asks her if she’s going to Penelope’s library fundraiser. Wendy equivocates.

Whew. That was a lot.
We’re in the library. Ingrid is shelving books.  Andrew from Buffy comes in asks for some books. He’s rude. Ingrid shushes him. The window in the library is the same window from the Beauchamps’ apothecary. Cool.

We zoom over to the Bent Elbow. Freya offers to cut Killian’s hair. They go to the storeroom.  They relieve Ferya’s dream in a very cute way. Oops, Amy interrupts them. Freya collects Killian’s hair in a jar full of liquid. She chants and the liquid turns blue. She drinks it. Ew.

Ingrid is in the house looking through the spell box. Joanna walks into the house. Hello, cute mudroom. Ingrid asks her mom if they always die young. Joanna starts babbling. Blah, blah, blah, live life to the fullest, blah, blah, blah. Ingrid leaves.

Cemetery time.  The shifter stands in front of Ingrid’s grave. She sprinkles liquid on the grave. There is much dry ice and Zombie Ingrid rises from her grave.

Charmin commercial. This seems oddly appropriate.

The shifter turns back into Penelope. She tells Ingrid that she’s Athena. Dum, dum, dum.

Back to the Beauchaps’ house. Joanna is digging in the garden. Wendy is not helping. Joanna tells Wendy that Ingrid found out about the time Wendy killed her. Wendy uses magic to turn the watering can into a sprinkler.

Back at the cemetery. It’s now daylight. Penelope finishes Ingrid’s resurrection. She sends Ingrid of to find a golden snake. As a reward, Ingrid gets to kill Wendy.

Wendy finds Bug boy in a garden somewhere. She sort of, kind of, fails to apologize for boinking him, leaving him and stealing his butterfly. She still wants another chance with him though. Zombie Ingrid watches them as they kiss.

Library fundraiser. Penelope is wearing a leather dress with a zipper. Very eighties. Ingrid finds some books on the floor and starts reshelving. A guy starts harassing her.

Dash and Freya flirt. Dash asks her to go to England for a medical conference.  Freya is very excited.
Bug boy’s apartment. Bug boy comes out of the bedroom in a towel. They flirt. Wendy uses telekinesis to drop his towel to the floor. I love Wendy. I love Bug Boy. They’re perfect for each other.

Back at the library. Ingrid uses magic to break her attacker’s fingers. Andrew from Buffy comes to her rescue. A bit late, but it’s the thought that counts. Ingrid tells him that she can take care of herself.
Freya and Killian have a convo in the stacks. They talk about the kiss. Freya freaks out because she doesn’t want anyone to find out. Killian tells her that everything will be fine. They leave the stacks and Dash comes out. He heard the whole conversation. He doesn’t look happy.

Wendy is still in Bug Boy’s apartment. She’s getting dressed. Zombie Ingrid arrives and tells her that Joanna’s in danger. Zombie Ingrid and Wendy leave. Bug Boy comes out of the bedroom. He’s really confused. Again.

Wendy and Zombie Ingrid are walking down a stairwell. Zombie Ingrid asks Wendy about a golden snake. Wendy is confused and begins to figure out that something’s wrong. Zombie Ingrid uses magic to push Wendy down the stairs.

Wendy is tied down in a chair. Zombie Ingrid walks around her, holding the jar, asking her about the golden snake thingamaging. Wendy acts confused. She tries to appeal to Zombie Ingrid’s good heart, but Zombie Ingrid is really upset about the whole dying thing. Who wouldn’t be? Zombie Ingrid burns Wendy’s arm with the red potion. Wendy screams.

Real Ingrid is walking down the street. She sees Andrew from Buffy on a park bench and stops to apologize for her rudeness. She gets a call and leaves. Andrew from Buffy opens his architecture portfolio to show a blueprint of Fair Haven. He stares after Ingrid thoughtfully.

Freya walks into the bar. She asks Killian if he’s seen Dash. Dash walks in and punches Killian. He runs out. Freya runs after him.

Back at chez Beauchamps, Leo has brought Wendy her bag. Joanna opens the door and Leo explains that Wendy ran out of his apartment because she had to help her sister. Joanna thanks him and walks back into the house. She looks concerned. She opens up a map and scries for Wendy’s location. The spell points to a warehouse on the edge of town.

Dash is in his bedroom, packing. Freya walks in and tries to apologize. Dash disregards her apology and tells her that he’ll be going to England alone.

Zombie Ingrid asks Wendy where the golden snake is. Wendy tells her that it’s gone. Zombie Ingrid tells her that she intends to kill her, wait until she comes back to life, then kill her again, as many times as it takes. She chants a spell and stabs Wendy with her potion-soaked hand.

Joanna arrives at the warehouse. She’s wearing a really cool leather jacket. She stares at Zombie Ingrid. Zombie Ingrid attacks her. Joanna turns Zombie Ingrid to dust. Ouch! That seems kind of harsh. Joanna unties Wendy.

Back at the house. Wendy’s body lies on Joanna’s bed. They are waiting for her to come back to life. Joanna tells Ingrid that Wendy was attacked by a new enemy, sent by the shifter. Freya comes in and starts complaining about Dash. Naturally, they all stop discussing their mortal enemy and start commiserating about Freya’s love life. Priorities, girls, priorities. Wendy wakes up. Joanna immediately asks her about Leo. Sigh.

Joanna and Freya leave. And Wendy asks Ingrid if they’re even now. Ingrid looks confused and Wendy explains that Zombie Ingrid killed her. She explains about the reanimation. Ingrid is shocked and starts to cry.

Frey and Killian are back doing inventory. It’s the scene from Freya’s dream. This time Freya pushes him out of the room and slams the door. Dream Killian tells her that none of this is what she thinks. She wakes up in her bed and stares at the bottle with the spell.

Joanna is dealing Tarot cards in the dining room. Freya walks in. Joanna tells her that her cards are complicated. One of the men in her life is The Trickster and the other is The Emperor. One is dark and one is light. It is unclear which is which. According to the cards, she will love them both. One man is her love and the other is her destroyer.

Later that night.  Joanna sits in a sunroom, drinking. Wendy walks in and joins her. She’s wearing a really cute multicolored scarf. Wendy tells Joanna about Zombie Ingrid’s interest in the golden snake. Joanna tells her that it was destroyed. Wendy insists that the shifter must be trying to open the door in the Fair Haven catacombs. That’s why the shifter is looking for the keys. Joanna’s still convinced that the golden snake was destroyed. She tells Wendy not to worry. Wendy is not convinced. She pulls on her scarf and Joanna notices that her sister’s necklace is now bright red. This means that this is Wendy’s last life. Nooooooo. They can’t kill Aunt Wendy. No way. No how.

Penelope stands in front of Archibald’s portrait. She asks her father for more power. Apparently, she gets it. Virginia Madsen is a fabulous villain. She oozes menace.

Joanna goes to the garden in the middle of the night. She digs under a tree and finds a box. She opens the box and, sure enough, it contains a golden snake bracelet.

What did you think? I'm a little disturbed about the Wendy thing. She's my favorite character.  I love Penelope, though. She's creepy and villainous and fabulous.