Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Link Fiesta

A cool reddit post on ghost hunting. I think my favorite ghost hunting stories are the ones where the creepy events are kind of mundane. In this one it's a foggy car window. It reminds me of the "Nerak" scene in Watcher in the Woods, one of my favorite childhood movies. Very interesting.

"Infodump," "Mary Sue" and other words authors are sick of hearing.

9 indie publishing lessons we learned in 2014. Man, remember way back in the beginning of the internet when authors used their blogs as writing diaries? I loved those blogs. People would put up their word count, favorite typos and post pictures of their mug-of-the-day (Cthulu coffee mug FTW). Once in a while someone would hit the gym and post pics. Those were the days. Then the whole social media thing happened and everyone felt compelled to turn their blog into a marketing tool with tons of giveaways and promo whatchamacallits. Ugh. Then that stopped working and the conventional wisdom was that blogging wasn't worth the bother. Well, the old-fashioned kind of writer's blog is now called a "development diary" and, wonder of wonders, it still works. Plus ça change...

London hotel has Hogwarts rooms and Muggle tour in its Harry Potter package. This is awesome! I love the room decor.