Thursday, January 29, 2015

Link Fiesta

How one author deals with Amazon exclusivity. I found this on an author website and thought it was interesting. I also looked up her books and found this insanely long title. Is it effective? I wonder. It may be a good way to single genre-mashing without cluttering up your cover. The "Hot Viking Paranormal Biker" brand is clearly visible, which it think is an amazing achievement. I have to think about this one. The thinking will likely involve, um, lots of reading about hot paranormal Viking bikers. :)

A Q&A with Sourcebooks Casablanca honcho Deb Werksman. I'm excited because it sounds like she's looking for Judith Krantz-like contemporaries. It's not at all what I write, but I'd love to read them!

Fabulous podcast with Zoe York, indie small town romance author. I love Zoe, she's awesome. She shares a lot of good info about writing a series, building relationships with other authors, and box sets!