Thursday, February 5, 2015

Link Fiesta

An owl steals hats in Oregon. This is hilarious and I need to add it to my book. Banshee Creek owls go rogue!

Another fabulous Zoe York podcast. This time there's juicy Facebook info. Facebook is such a frustrating experience for me. I made an author business page (which is what everyone recommends) but couldn't get any "likes" for it (cause, duh, I have no books out so no one knows me). I now have a personal author profile (separate from my personal-personal profile, which is all in Spanish and is mostly Puerto Rico gossip) and have managed to collect some interesting author friends. For the first time in YEARS author Facebook is actually fun. Here's my profile in case you want a whole bunch of writing links and Zac Bagans pics littering up your feed. I still have to do that page thingie for the Banshee Creek series, but I think I'll procrastinate that for a while.

Amazon squeezes small presses. Interesting article. There's a lot of small romance presses and I wonder if this is affecting them. Food for thought.