Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Link Fiesta

The story behind the Winchester Mystery House. This is one of my favorite ghost stories. They are going to allow sleepovers now. Would you do one? I honestly wouldn't. I'm too chicken.

Ilona Andrews on how to branch out without compromising your author brand. This is a very timely post for me, as I am finishing up my Banshee Creek series and wondering what to do next. Small town sci fi with aliens and FBI agents? Sexy ghost hunters? Hmmm.

Recycled cover art in YA.  I love how artists can make the same stock photo look so different. I'm researching the heck out of this because I'm making my own covers and the dearth of appropriate stock is starting to get to me. Some of the images I'm using are pretty common and I'm going to have to come up with ways to freshen them up.