Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Link Fiesta

Mark Corker's ginormous guide to ebook publishing. The slide deck goes on forever, but it's well worth your time. Via The Passive Voice.

Lots of #RWA15 round-ups by Super Librarian Wendy, Suleika Snyder, Ana Coqui, Jeffe Kennedy, and Jessica Trippler (UPDATE: Jenn Northington). Wendy's observations are pretty interesting. She describes the prevailing mood of the conference as "tired." I've been seeing a bit of that online. Authors are expected to do so much nowadays -- put out a gazillion books, do constant social media, come up with perfect branding and killer concepts -- that people are getting overwhelmed. It's turned into a Red Queen race where we all run faster just to stay in the same place. I think it's good to talk about these things. That way we don't all develop Duck Syndrome. We really need to chill out, guys. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. :)

And, on my research front, here's why the moon landing couldn't have been faked. The Lone Gunmen  are returning to X-Files and I need to brush up on my conspiracy theories. Also, PRoVE's resident conspiracy theorist, Gus, needs some new material.