Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sink Your Teeth Into Shark Shifter Paranormal Romance (A Special #SharkWeek Post)

I love Shark Week. Yes, I know the shows are not exactly scientifically correct, but they're funny and cute. They're also mildly educational. Yesterday, I learned a new word: "chumsicle." Cool, uh? It's kind of useless though. You wouldn't see a word like that in a romance novel.

Or would you?

I did some searching and found a bunch of shark-themed romance novels out there. Some are adventurous and others are paranormal, but they all look like fun. So, in honor of #SharkWeek (and the upcoming Sharknado 3), here's a list of the best (only?) shark-themed romance books in Amazon.

And maybe one of them has a chumsicle.

Stranded With Her Ex by Jill Sorenson. This is a steamy category romance Biologist Daniela Flores clashes with her ex, shark expert Sean Carmichael during a perilous research expedition in the exotic Farallon Islands. Second chance romance, killer sharks and baby sea lions. Can you resist this romance? No.

Touching Paradise (Shark Shifter Paranormal Book 1) by Cleo Peitsche. Billionaire shark shifter. Permafree. Nuff said.

The Deepest Ocean (Eden Series Book 2) by Marian Perera. Fantasy Romance where the heroine is telepathically linked to her pet Great White Shark. The Smart Bitches review says it all: "...if you don't want to read a book about a woman who has a pet Great White Shark you are dead to me."

Love Bites (A BWWM Shark Shifter Romance) by Jane Rowe. A swimmer is rescued by a sexy lifeguard who is more than he seems. I seriously love this title and it appears that there is a shark vs. squids battle (Maybe even giant squids?). Definitely one-click material.

Love Across Waters (A BWWM Paranormal Shark Shifter Romance) by PK Greenford. Swim team captain with a secret. The Amazon reviews are full of shark puns and now I want to buy the book just so I can write a review with the phrase "has some bite to it" in it.

I already read Stranded With Her Ex (yes, I love marine biologist romance) and liked it very much. I just picked up Touching Paradise and will likely pick up Love Bites and Love Across Waters (I find the punny reviews intriguing) as well. How about you? Were you tempted by my shark romance chumsicle? (He, he, I got to use the word.)

Now I'm off to google shark cryptids. There must be something out there that my PRoVE guys would like to search for. C'mon, you want to read about Caine's bathing trunks, you know you do.

If you know of any other shark-themed romances, leave a comment. I'm always looking for more chum. :)