Monday, August 17, 2015

Link Fiesta

Maybe you need to write more books. Nora Roberts has 348 published books (including translations and stuff, her J.D. Robb pen name has another 87). Yikes!

I'm doing research for my St. Patrick's Day novella, The Girl With The Lucky Charm, which takes place during a poker tournament. Guess what I found out? Horror actress Shannon Elizabeth is a poker stud! She almost won a charity poker tournament against some high-flying hedge funders. Cool.

Cecilia Tan blogged the #RWA15 "How to Write a Series" panel with Shannon Stacey, Marie Force and Jill Shalvis. Lots of great advice there. I really should work on my series bible. I keep meaning to, but, you know, there's always more interesting stuff to do. :)