Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Link Fiesta

A Hollywood publicist tells all. Sebastian's ex tries some of these techniques in my holiday novella, Snowbound with Ghost, and they backfire terribly.

How publishing has changed by Karen Karbo. My favorite line is:
Every writer, whether legacy or self-published, is expected to be capable of launching a sophisticated, far-ranging, full-throttle, buzz-generating, platform-building, unending branding extravaganza. To do this, you must be charismatic, witty, attractive, selfiegenic, while also possessing the marketing chops of the team who rolled out the iPod, thus saving Apple from impending bankruptcy.
Her list of things that can ruin your author career is also hilarious. I suspect my meals aren't photogenic enough to make is as a writer.

Instagramming your lunch could be a copyright violation in Germany. This is a bizarre legal result (Is it no longer under copyright if you move the tomato? Or cut up the chicken?) and harmful to the chef who missed out on a potential promo opportunity.