Friday, August 7, 2015

Link Fiesta

An interesting Kboards thread on who the Amazon algos and  recommendation e-mails work. I'm still digesting this one. 

Great Self-Publishing Roundtable podcast with Roxie Rivera and Zoe York. Lots of great advice including this gem: "Market smarter, not harder."

I also found this Roundtable podcast with Deanna Chase very useful because I've been agonizing over my author branding for months. My books are funny and lighthearted but also really steamy. Humorous paranormal books have cartoon covers (like Deanna Chase's Jade Calhoun series), but sexy paranormal have collage covers with sexy couples in them. I went the sexy couple route, but have been second-guessing my decision ever since. Deanna faced the same dilemma with her sexy Coven Point series, and guess what? She went for the sexy couple covers. Whew. That's a relief.

Tom Hiddleston discusses haunted house sex in this Crimson Peak interview.