Friday, January 29, 2016

Link Fiesta

Have publishers shot themselves in the foot with costly ebooks? I suspect so. My husband freaked out this weekend when he realized that the Kindle version of the new Longmire book was $13.99. It was huge sticker shock. The effect will likely be delayed until popular authors release new books and their fans realize that prices have risen, but it will be there.

The Oregon Bigfoot Highway.

The Hot and Cold Book Categories for 2015. Romance is down 9% (yikes!) and Science Fiction is up   22%. I wonder how much of that 22% bump is due to Star Wars (and how much will it seep into other Sci Fi) The other big winner? Adult Coloring Books. I saw my first adult coloring book at the grocery store yesterday so maybe that trend is already supersaturating.

How to use Price Promotions to Market a New Book Release. Useful advice from Bookbub.