Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chloe's Beach Cottage in Lucifer

Alrightie, I already covered the fabulosity that is Lucifer's L.A. condo, so let's move on to the REAL star of the show.

Chloe's beach cottage.

Here's the foyer/entrance. It opens to the kitchen and the living room. The space is beachy, but subdued with soft gray-green tones and little ornamentation. I love the board and batten siding. It's a cheap, but stylish detail. It also makes the house feel old. That siding is very 70s. 

Here's the view to the kitchen. Yeah, I know. It's not my best shot. Look, screenshots are hard. I love the exposed beams in the kitchen and the glamorous chandelier. "L.A. beach cottage" is a hard look to pull. If you go too cottage, you lose the L.A. feel and if you go to glam, you no longer have a cottage. This set does a good job. It helps Chloe's characterization a lot. Her home is down and to earth, and pretty with a dash of glam.

Another shot of the entrance. "Down to earth and pretty" isn't cheap in L.A., and Lucifer brings this up right away. "How can you afford this? I though I had the wrong address?"

Lucifer's comment leads me to believe that the cottage is in Malibu Beach. It reminds me, in fact, of Pam Anderson's shabby chic beach house. It was featured in MTV Cribs in the 80s. Malibu Beach is super-expensive now. So, yeah, how can a B-movie actress-turned-police-detective afford this?

Entering the house. I'm betting that back door leads to the beach. Yep, this is pricey real estate.

The living room with a view to the kitchen and the little girl's bedroom. It turns out that the house belongs to Chloe's mom, Penelope. She was a sci-fi actress in the 80s. The posters behind Chloe are from her mom's movies.

I guess Penelope Decker bought the house in the 80s, when Malibu was still an eccentric affluent beach bum community. That would explain the 70s feel. That's when Pam Anderson bought her cottage too. I wonder if the designer was influenced by that MTV Cribs video. Hmmm.

Penelope's career arc would also explain why the house has been maintained but not truly remodeled. Penelope wouldn't have the funds for that. That's okay. I love the lived-in, cottagey look of the house.

Here's a peek at her daughter's bedroom. Isn't that adorable? I also love the striped wallpaper on the wall. It adds a touch of whimsy.

The back door and the wood floors. Okay, I actually added this screenshot because of the expression on Chloe's face. It's fantastic.

Another view of the house. I love the furniture. It's so eclectic. The 80s wicker bed, the Ikea plant holder, the Scandinavian sideboard, the shaggy rugs. I could see Penelope Decker picking all of these pieces out. I bet there's Le Creuset cookware (including the fondue set!) in the kitchen cabinets and Marimekko towels in the linen closet. I hope we get to meet Chloe's mom. She sounds like a fantastic character.

The office area is very modern too. I love it!

 So, that's it for the cottage. I hope we get a closer look at it soon (I want to see Chloe's bedroom and the view from the beach). I also hope we get to meet Penelope. She sounds rad.

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