Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Link Fiesta

Hot Topic has a Pride Prejudice and Zombies lingerie collection. I gotta say, that zombie toile is kind of cool (I'd love it as a wallpaper) and I'm kind of digging that last negligee.

Another Emily Henderson home office. I love this. It's so peaceful and calming...and so unlike my own workspace. :)

How to use brand names in your fiction. Great post with very helpful tips.

SciFi author Elliott Kay talks about book numbers.

Kameron Hurley has advice for writers. Chuck Wendig does too. I'm seeing a lot of "advice to new authors" posts suddenly. We had a bunch in 2012 and it kind of went way in 2013-15.  Now they're back. Are we getting a new batch of new authors or just senior authors with more wisdom to impart?