Friday, April 29, 2016

Lucifer Recap, Season 1, Episode 11

The morning after.

Chloe wakes up naked in Lucifer's bed. Lucifer takes his own sweet time reassuring her that nothing happened, which is hilarious. It's a very funny scene with bonus Rosemary Baby references. Chloe leaves the penthouse sans pants.

Lucifer heads down to Lux and has a fight with Maze.

Crime scene at a Spanish Mission style mansion. It's a charity founded by an ex-football player to help homeless kids, and the football player is the victim. He used to be a playboy off the field but he reformed and dedicated his life to good. Lucifer likes the bad-boy-gone-good story and feels it applies to him. The victim was also robbed. They chat with one of the kids aided by the foundation. He says he saw a guy outside and gave the cops the description.

I'm bored. These investigations are so dull.

Zombie Malcolm ties up Dan then heads out to kill Lucifer. He makes sure he gets Dan's prints all over the gun though. That way Dan will be blamed for the killing.

The whole Zombie Malcolm thing is a bit underwhelming. Why didn't Aminadel seduce Maze and convince her to kill Lucifer? That would get her back home quick and would have made for a more interesting show.

Chloe and Lucifer talk to the football player's wife who is distraught about his death and how it will affect their upcoming fundraiser. Lucifer offers her Lux for her fundraiser.

Lucifer has his therapy session with Dr. Martin. He spends most of the session talking about how wonderful he feels about all the good deeds (not sleeping with Chloe, donating his club to charity) he's done. Dr. Martin mentions selfless, but Lucifer doesn't care about that so much.

Chloe and Lucifer find the homeless man who stole the victim's jewelry and wallet. The guy says that the victim was already dead when the robbery took place. Lucifer gives the guy his shirt (Prada joke!) and pants. He's really into this selflessness stuff. I really like the repartee between Chloe and Lucifer. It's sharp and funny.

They visit the victim's wife and tell her that it wasn't a robbery. The charity's lawyer intervenes. He tells them that the kid they spoke with at the crime scene was angry at the victim.

They talk to the kid who admits to the fight. Chloe asks him about the victim's relationship with his wife.


Lucifer shows up. Chloe tells him that the victim was probably cheating on his wife. Chloe found a hotel keycard in his wallet, maybe he was going there for trysts.

Lucifer goes to a charity lunch. The ladies all flirt with him and he...breaks out into song. Seriously! He sings "Devil May Care" (one of my favorite songs!) and it's fantastic. I love this scene. The victim's assistant interrupts the song and scolds them for enjoying themselves when the charity's founder is dead.

Lucifer and Chloe go chat with the assistant. Turns out he was the victim's lover. They didn't meet in hotels there and no one was blackmailing him. The assistant shows them the last picture the victim sent him. It's a...goat? Yep, the victim sent a photo of a goat on a field. Intriguing. I've changed my mind. This mystery is better than the other ones in this series. Goats make everything better, guys.

More Zombie Malcolm and Dan. Zombie Malcolm says that hell for him was solitary confinement, no food or people. He really doesn't want to go back and Aminadel told him that killing Lucifer will guarantee that. Aminadel is really good at this whole lying thing, isn't he?

Chloe interrogates the lawyer and gets nowhere. She heads to Lux which is all decked out in Hungry Orphan Chic. She asks Lucifer to get the wife to talk. The new good-deeds-loving Lucifer, however, doesn't want to ruin his fundraiser so he refuses.

Maze has dinner with Aminadel. It's a fantastic scene ("My problems are your problems"). I love these two together.

Chloe asks the assistant some questions. She thinks the victim went to Haiti and found something out about their charity work there. The assistant tells her that they've bought money and built schools in Haiti. Chloe asks about the picture of the field. She wants to know if they're building a school there.  The assistant says that the school should be done by now. Chloe suspects embezzlement.

I'm confused. How do you not notice that a school is not being built? It seems like a big detail to miss.

Chloe goes to talk to the lawyer. She tells him that the money for the school was stolen, and she suspects that the wife did it. She says that the nonprofit compliance returns are so complicated that she could have easily hidden the funds away.

Uh, that's exactly what nonprofit reporting is supposed to prevent, but, whatevs, Chloe is wearing a party dress (I guess she's going to the fundraiser after this) and she looks amazeballs.

Lucifer is in the penthouse, wearing his tux. Malcolm arrives with a gun. Blah, blah,'re going to die...blah, blah, blah. Lucifer fast talks his way out of this one by giving Malcolm the Devil's Coin. Apparently, you can use it to travel in and out of Hell (I guess it's like Charon's coins? Sort of?). Lucifer was saving it in case he had to return to Hell, but he gives it to Malcolm instead. With it, Malcolm can escape Hell whenever he wants.

Malcolm leaves, but the victim's wife arrives. For some reason she tells Lucifer that she's headed to Argentina. Lucifer instantly concludes that she murdered her husband and is trying to flee to a country with no extradition treaty. This leap of logic escapes me. First, we do have an extradition treaty with Argentina now (maybe the writers were thinking of Uruguay?). Second, why instantly assume that she's a felon?

Anywho, she shoots him.

A disheveled Dan rushes into Lux looking for Lucifer. He goes to the penthouse and finds Lucifer lying on the floor.

Lucifer wakes up. There's holes in his tux shirt, but no wounds. He offers Dan a drink ("You look like you need it") heads out to the party. This is a cute scene.

Lucifer goes to the party and reveals that the wife is the killer. Chloe interrupts and announces that they have all the evidence. The wife confesses and Chloe arrests her.

After party drinks. Maze shows up after her "date" with Aminadel. Lucifer is willing to talk to her again. She tells him that she slept with his brother. He tells her that his brother hired a hit man to kill him. She's surprised to see him unhurt. She asks him how can it be that he's sometimes invulnerable and sometimes not. He gets an idea and leaves "to test a theory."

Lucifer shows up at Chloe's beach cottage. He cuts himself while talking to her and figures out that he's only vulnerable when he's with her.

I liked this episoe. The mystery was good, which is a big relief. The Chloe-Lucifer relationship moved forward in an unforced way. Maze, Aminadel, and Dr. Martin were fabulous, as always. Zombie Malcolm is annoying me.

Looking forward to the next one. :)