Monday, June 13, 2016

Hallmark Movie Review -- A Ring by Spring

Management consulting, fortune telling, and bowling. Who could resist this movie? Not me, that's for sure. For one, I love Rachel Boston. She's one of my favorite actress. Also, I love fortune teller tropes (I have a fortune teller heroine in Fortune Favors the Witch).

The plot is fairly simple. Caryn Briggs is a successful management consultant with a steady boyfriend. She meets a fortune teller (the fabulous Stephanie Powers wearing what appears to be a Pier 1 rug on her head) who tells her that she'll have a ring by spring or she'll never get married. Caryn laughs off the prophecy, but starts to worry when her boyfriend unceremoniously dumps her.

Maybe she really isn't marriage material. We know otherwise because her handsome new client, Tom, has his eye on her, but we must have a plot, right?

The movie is cute and funny and full of Hallmark's trademark "glamour of the ordinary" moments. Caryn has an adorable ranch house, a VW beetle, and an enviable LOFT wardrobe. Her parents are loving and supportive (their Downsizer's Special bungalow is not bad either). Her handsome new client has a logistics company with funny employees and an adorable elderly father with a bowling addiction. Hallmark is a welcome oasis in a TV world where waitresses have expensive Brooklyn lofts and NYPD detectives have designer coats and Hampton summer homes. They make the accessible desirable.

My one pet peeve is that the movie drones on and on. It's too long (seriously, I did four loads of laundry while it was on. FOUR.). Caryn's worries about her marriageability start getting annoying. She's Rachel Boston, for Pete's sake. Of course, she's freaking marriageable. She's obsessed with the topic. She discusses it with her friends ad nauseum. She talks about it with her long-suffering parents in at least three scenes. She ignores Tom and starts reconnecting with an ex-boyfriend. By mid-movie, you really want to knock some sense into her. There's also not enough fortune telling. More Stephanie Powers, please.

Still, it's a very watchable movie with great sets and wardrobe and adorable leads. Very much worth your while.

All pictures belong to Hallmark Channel.