Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Memorial Day Lake Trip - Hayward, Wisconsin

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Hayward, Wisconsin. It's a small town in Northwoods country with lots of lakes and hiking trails. The weekend was cloudy and raining, which meant that we did no fishing or hiking. We did, however, get a lot of reading and napping done. I see that as a successful vacation.

We got some sun on Sunday, so I got to take some pretty pictures.

We stayed in Great Pines, a vacation lodge with rental cabins. It's a great place with tons of lakeside charm and I recommend it wholeheartedly This was our cabin (chainsaw art included).

Here's a close-up.

This is the inside of the cabin. It's very cute and lodged. We stayed here last year and our place inspired Sebastian's cabin in Snowbound with Ghost.

More cabin decor. The stairs lead up to the loft master bedroom.

Here's the second floor master bedroom.

It has a fireplace.

Another bedroom.

And another.

I even had a writing desk (that's where I'm writing this post!). Isn't it adorable?


Another view of the living room.

 Kitchen table.


 Antique-looking stove. I love this thing!

We didn't do much cooking on it, though. We got most of our meals in town. Our favorite places include the Norske Nook (fabulous breakfasts!).

Piller's Poor Boys' in Spooner (fabulous sandwiches!)

And Old Southern BBQ in Hayward.

We had a great time!