Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#ComedyBookWeek Interview with Leigh Selfman

Today's interview is with one of my new fave authors, Leigh Selfman. Her paranormal cozy mystery, Haunt Flashes is now one of my favorite reads. Wait for the review tomorrow. I really loved this book. It has a hot Italian ghost, lots of cool information about Old Hollywood, and a cute and snarky protagonist. If you love ghost mysteries, pick it up!

But, for now, let's hear from the author herself.

Leigh Selfman is a screenwriter/cozy mystery writer who lives in Los Angeles with Trevor, her rescue dog and muse.

1.         Why did you choose to write comedy? For this book, I didn’t actually choose to write it as a comedy. I started out thinking it was going to be more of a darkly serious romantic mystery - but as I wrote it, it became more and more comedic and lighthearted. I decided not to fight it.

2.      Describe your main character. She’s a dog lover and a food-lover. She’s also very insecure – often for good reason since she’s always putting her foot in her mouth. Both her feet, actually. In reviews people often describe her as quirky. 

3.      Who would you choose to play that character in the movie or television version? Oh, good question. I think a sort of young Zoe Deschanel or young Kate Hudson.

4.      Who is your favorite funny author? My mother! I know that sounds like I’m biased but I really love her Izzy Greene mystery series. I also love Mark Twain, Martin Amis, Helen Fielding’s first Bridget Jones book.

5.      Do you have any advice for other authors? Put down that cupcake! And stop procrastinating! (Maybe someday I’ll take my own advice)

6.    What’s next for you/your series? I just finished a TV movie for LMN about a crazy nanny. I also have book two of this series coming soon, called HAUNT WATER – where Arden is hired by a film director to rid an old yacht of a ghost that’s causing accidents on his film set.

7.   If you could live anywhere, where would that be? On a beautiful beach somewhere.

8.    If you could choose a super power, what would that be? Flying, definitely. Also eating without gaining weight.

HAUNT WATER (on preorder)