Tuesday, July 19, 2016

#ComedyBookWeek review of K.L. Phelps' Mind If I Come In

My second #ComedyBookWeek review is a cozy paranormal mystery with plenty of twists and turns.

Kat Parker had a terrible, no good, very bad, Vegas vacation. Somehow,--she’s not entirely sure how--she acquired an unemployed vampire housemate and the ability to talk to the comatose. Thanks to her gift she now has a new career. Unfortunately, she also has a house to pay, the aforementioned vampire bff to take care of, and a pool full of very expensive algae.

When her best friend, a nurse, asks her to help out a hospitalized little girl and find out what happened to her the plot gets going. The characters are fantastic. Kat’s disapproving family is a riot. They aren’t sure how to deal with their daughter’s new gift and their efforts to understand it are hilarious. Damian, a detective with a  mysterious secret, keeps things interesting. Jonny, the vampire roomie is a neurotic mess who’s always getting into trouble, and best friend Helen is a gorgeous bombshell with a heart of gold. There’s also a turtle guardian.

Mind if I Come In is a fun book with a one-of-a-kind premise (seriously, speaking with dead is one thing, communicating with the comatose is another). A lough-out-loud read.

The book is FREE right now, so grab it while you can.