Friday, June 2, 2017

Link Fiesta

Chris Fox breaks down a bestselling Amazon launch.

Christina Dodd has a great post on getting Bookbub followers. And, seriously, how annoying is it that Amazon doesn't provide follower info?

C.D. Reiss also did a great post on using Bookbub ads for a book launch.

Easy tips for creating a series bible.  I didn't do a series bible for Banshee Creek while I was writing Must Love Ghosts, and it's one of my biggest regrets because all my books are set in that world and my readers love the characters. Now that I'm writing Claire Delacourt's series and revisiting those first books so I'm taking advantage of this and finally writing a series bible. Better late than never!

And here's a handy-dandy pre-publication checklist and a great KBoards post on urban fantasy tropes Yes, Drop Dead Witchy will have a UF feel too it. I hope it works. *crosses fingers*