Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return, Episodes 3 and 4

This is still so confusing.

Real Coop is trapped with a red-dressed Silent Hill reject in an in-between space separating the Red Lodge from the real world. Something threatening chases them around. The numbers 3 and 15 seem to be significant. Electric outlets also seem to be important. Evil Coop is driving. Another Coop is in an abandoned house with a hooker.

Seriously, there's a third Coop?

At 3:15 Evil Coop is supposed to return to the Red Lodge through his car's cigarette lighter (yep, I am not making this up), but he manages to circumvent the mechanism but sticking his hand in his mouth. As a result the third Coop is sucked into the Red Lodge through an electric outlet, minus his shoes. He turns into a golden snitch and the Fire Walk With Me ring drops onto the floor.

And that's not even the weirdest thing that happens.

Good Coop materializes thought the houses electric outlet, minus his shoes. The hooker takes care of him (no, not that way), gives him Third Coop's shoes, and takes him to a casino in her badass yellow Jeep Wrangler (the color yellow seems to be important, not sure why). He still has his Room 315 key in his pocket, and he narrowly escapes an assassination attempt when it drops to the floor and he bends to pick it up.

Third Coop had enemies, it appears.

Good Coop proceeds to win all the coin slot jackpots in the Casino. The owner eventually kicks him out with his winnings and he takes a limo to Third Coop's home. Third Coop's wife greets him angrily, but is appeased when she sees all the money. She's happy because now they can pay off whoever is trying to kill Third Coop. Wait, isn't Third Coop a golden marble now? I guess Good Coop is now Third Coop.

This is giving me a headache.

Oh, there's also a kid who had a birthday party.

Something, something at the FBI.

Then we are back in Twin Peaks where they are investigating something having to do with chocolate bunnies. Lucy and Andy's kid shows up. he's weird.

The End.

Is this good? I honestly have no idea. The In-Between Space scenes were really cool. I loved the eyeless lady in the red dress, but she died.

That's happening to most of the new characters. Coop Three's wife is intriguing to I expect her to bite it in the next episode. The hooker was kind of cool and she survived, which was very surprising. I think that was because Lynch needed her to drive Good Coop to the casino, though. Otherwise she would've kicked the bucket too.

The use of color is interesting, what with all the reds and yellows. I loved the use of the electric outlets.

But what else is there? I'm not feeling any of the new characters. Evil Coop is just one-dimensionally evil. Good Coop just looks confused (not that he doesn't have a right to, but, still, it's not very interesting). The investigators are just sitting around chatting. I miss the Chihuahua Lady (please don't die Dog Lady, I love you).

What the is happening? I'm going to be very disappointed if this ends up as a big battle between Good Coop and Evil Coop.