Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tour the House from The Witches of East End - Part II - Living Room and Bedrooms

This is exciting. Episode 5 featured a couple of new rooms. My love for this house grows stronger with every episode. The set designers did a really great job. I already wrote a post covering the rooms in the first episode, and I can't believe I'm doing another one. I'm really obsessed with this house.

In this episode, we got to see the living room. It looked great. It's dark and moody with grayish-green walls and neutral-colored furniture. The room looks like it has been collected over time,  but the lamp and the chandelier look like Restoration Hardware pieces. I like that, they give the room a modern feel.

It looks very eclectic and artistic, very suitable for Joanna.

The fireplace is gorgeous at night. Very dramatic.

We even get a view of the living room as seen from the kitchen. Very nice. The kitchen is also green, and it's a lighter version of the green in the kitchen. I like that, it makes it feel like a real house. I also like the painting on the wall. It must be Joanna's. Of course, now I wonder if someone's trapped inside.

And there's the Rejuvenation lighting fixture. They have the same fixture in the landing. It's a nice  fixture, antique-looking but in a modern way.

We also get to see Freya's room. It's beige, which seems an odd choice for wild child Freya. The furniture, though is amazing. Her Art Nouveau desk/dressing table is to die for.

Here's another shot of the room. I love the macramé plant next to the window. I guess Joanna never outgrew the seventies. 

Freya has a second desk and it's also pretty cute. The blue hallway looks nice too.

It's a lovely room, but it's too sedate for Freya. It needs a few colorful accents and maybe some  wallpaper. This Timorous Beasties butterfly wallpaper would be perfect. Of maybe this orchid one.

We also got to see Ingrid's room. She has the best bedroom in the house. It's pale peach, very girly. Her desk is cute, and it actually looks like it's being used. The door has a strange paneling detail. I wonder where they found that.

There's another macramé plant hanger behind Ingrid's desk. Joanna really loved that macramé didn't she?

Ingrid has an adorable little credenza behind her desk. I wonder if that's where she keeps her cardigan collection. I lust after that credenza. Lust.

I also love her bookcase. She's a librarian, so, of course, she would have a bookcase. This room really reflects Ingrid's personality. I like that.

She even has a cute little bamboo bench. I can totally picture her curled up with a book next to a roaring fire.

Her headboard killed me. It's black chinoiserie and I know I'll spend hours on google looking for it. It's gorgeous. I couldn't get a clear shot of it, but here's a partial detail. 

The night shot of her room was beautiful, very romantic. Honestly, her room is better than Joanna's. How did she pull that off? Magic?

Finally, here's the hallway outside Ingrid's room. It's green with wood panelling. Nice combination. I see that Aunt Wendy coordinated her PJs with the panelling. Good job, Aunt Wendy.

I love the sets in this show. Love, love, love. I hope we get to see Aunt Wendy's room soon.