Friday, November 8, 2013

Witches of East End Recap - Episode 5

This was a fabulous episode. The plot raced along. We also go to see a few new rooms in the house and they are spectacular.

Wendy goes to Ingrid’s room. Adam’s funeral is today and Wendy wants to make sure that Ingrid is OK. Ingrid greets her in the hallway. They chat about Adam and Ingrid tells her that she’s not going to the funeral. Wendy looks worried. Ingrid goes back to her room, closing the door gently behind her.  She greets someone in the room. It’s Adam.

Well, that was unexpected.

Credits roll.
Freya and Penelope are chatting in the living room. Dash enters the room. The workmen found a wedding dress in the house and Penelope and Freya think it’s perfect for the wedding. My eyes are bugging out. The dress is in perfect condition. Are we really supposed to believe that it was stuffed into a wall somewhere? Maybe is magic? This show has had so many surprises that I’ll believe anything at this point. Maybe it’s an alien parasite, like Spider-Man’s Venom costume. That would be awesome. Penelope says something bitchy, of course.

Joanna is in the garden drawing what looks like a passionflower. Harrison comes in, looking a little stressed. They’re due at the courthouse in ten minutes. Yep, that explains the stress. Joanna is a little blasé about the whole murder trial thing. I guess she’s been on trial plenty of times before. They head to the courthouse. Joanna’s wearing jeans.

Freya’s enters the bar. We get a gratuitous close-up of Killian’s butt. Killian catches Freya staring and Freya blushes. She scolds him about not using proper equipment to fix the juke box. I guess his butt could use some protection? A blonde girl also stares at Killian. Freya takes her place behind the bar and asks the blonde what she wants to drink. The girl asks her if she’s Killian’s girlfriend. Freya reacts angrily and asks the girl who she is. The girl says she’s Elise, Dash’s old fiancée.


Adam and Ingrid have a picnic in her room. They chat. I don’t catch any of the dialogue because I’m too busy drooling over Ingrid’s furniture. There’s a cute little bamboo bench and a carved wood fireplace. It’s gorgeous. Oh, Adam doesn’t know he’s dead. Oopsie.

Scene shift. Wait, we’re in a courtroom? This really doesn’t look like a courtroom, more like a conference room. My lawyer husband tells me that this is a Canadian courtroom. Apparently, Canadian courtrooms are designed by the Marriott Courtyard decorating team.

Mrs. Thatcher is testifying, but she’s forgotten everything. Convenient, very convenient. She pours herself some water, but the water turns to bugs. Eew. Oh, it’s all in her head. Still gross.

Back to Ingrid’s room. Adam is trying to go back to work. Ingrid tells him that he’s dead. Bit of a bummer. Adam freaks out. Ingrid explains. Adam is shocked. He runs out of her bedroom.

We’re now in Freya’s room. She’s trying on the wedding dress. The dress is ok, but Freya’s Art Nouveau desk is AMAZING!  I love this desk with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Wendy comes in and freaks out when she sees Freya in the dress. Apparently, this was Ingrid’s dress in a different life. Uh, guys, time for a reality check. I’ll believe in witches, warlocks, shape-shifter, and brain-eating butterflies, but don’t push it. Freya’s boobs would never fit in Ingrid’s dress.

Wendy uses telekinesis to strip the dress off Freya. The dress burns up. Get thee to David's Bridals, Freya. We get a great shot of Freya’s bedroom, which is no longer the bland, West Elm dreck from the first episode. It’s now a tan/beige, frenchy, antiquey boudoir. Well done, set designers.

Back in the Canadian courtroom, charges are dismissed. Yippee! Joanna looks confused, but happy. She hugs Harrison. Harrison really likes the hug. A lot.

Adam goes to his funeral. It’s a nice funeral.  Ingrid explains that she’s a witch and that she conjured him. Eh, I find this a little weird. They had two dates and she missed him so much she turned him into a ghost? After that awful experience with the resurrection spell?

Freya goes back to the bar. Elise is still there. Freya shouts at her. Killian ask her why she’s talking to herself. Freya explains that she’s talking to Elisa. Killian looks confused. He tells Freya that someone is playing with her, she can’t be talking to Elise. Elise is dead.

Dum, dum, dum. I guess Dash and Freya have serious communication issues. Also, is there no gossip in this town? How did Freya not know that Dash had a dead ex-fianceé

Back at the house. Joanna, Harrison and Wendy click champagne glasses. Joanna scolds Wendy for casting a spell on Mrs. Thatcher. Blah, blah, blah, memory spells are dangerous and irreversible, blah. I pay no attention, because, we finally get a good look at the living room. It’s all grayish green paint and eclectic knick-knacks.

Wendy is in the kitchen polishing off the champagne bottle. She’s clearly not a girl that let’s good bubbly go to waste. Freya walks in and asks about ghosts. She tells Wendy that Elise committed suicide several years ago. Wendy gives a little ghost lesson. She asks Freya whether she’s seen Elise before. Freya says no. Wendy is confused, she wonders where Elise came from. Someone must have summoned her. Suddenly, she freaks out and runs up the stairs.

They enter Ingrid’s room and find her making out with Adam. Ingrid kicks Adam out of the room. Wendy scolds Ingrid, telling her that Elise crossed over when Ingrid summoned Adam’s spirit.  She also tells Ingrid that Adam has to leave tonight. If he’s still here tomorrow, he’ll be stuck here forever.
Harrison and Joanna are in bed together. Wow, that was fast. Harrison looks happy. Joanna looks panicked. She gets dressed and leaves.

Dash is in the hospital, looking at MRIs on a computer. Elise enters the room. Dash can’t see her, but she can affect his computer screen. Freya walks in, she ignores Elise and talks to Dash. Dash tells her that he didn’t care for Elise the way he cares about Freya. Elise looks upset, but tells Freya that Dash is not the one she came for. Elise leaves. Freya hugs Dash, but she looks worried.

Joanna is walking through the park. She sees Mrs. Thatcher clawing at her arms. She tries to help, but Mrs. Thatcher starts screaming. Mrs. Thatcher sees bugs covering Joanna’s face.

Wendy is gardening. Freya calls her and asks her if ghosts can use electricity to harm people. Wendy tells her that it’s possible. Freya hands up. Joanna walks into the garden, looking somber. She tells Wendy that Mrs. Thatcher is in a mental ward. Wendy is unrepentant.

Freya goes to the bar. She asks Killian if he’s seen anything weird. Killian tells her that the lights have been acting funny.

We’re back in Ingrid’s room. Ingrid tells Adam that he has to go back.

Killian and Freya close the bar. Killian goes to the back. The lights start flickering, the jukebox blows up.  Freya tries to reason with Elise, but it doesn’t work. Elise loves Killian and she wants to take him to the other world. Killian shows up and touches the light switch. He’s electrocuted.

Killian is taken to the hospital. Dash does the electric paddle thing and Killian’s heart starts beating. Freya sighs with relief, but when she turns around she sees Elise standing by the window.

Back in the Beauchamp living room, Joanna is lying on the sofa. Wendy walks in and starts explaining that she only did the memory spell to protect her family and that she’ll always be there to protect her family. Joanna sits up and tells her that she slept with Harrison. Well, let’s forget about ruining some poor woman’s life. Let’s talk about nookie instead. Joanna is worried about her inability to commit. Oh, lord. The girl-talk mixed in with poor Mrs. Thatcher is really not working for me. They sound very callous. Oh, wait, Mrs. Thatcher’s fate is still bumming them out though. Good to know. Joanna agrees to help Wendy make it a little better. A little?

Killian wakes up in a hospital bed. Freya is by his side. Dash and Penelope walk in. Penelope complains about Killian’s hair. God, I love Penelope, she can’t stop being bitchy even when her son almost died.

Elise is in the hospital hallway. Freya tells her that she has less than an hour to go back to the spirit world. Elise seems unwilling to return to her grave.

Joanna walks into the kitchen. Ingrid is making tea. They chat. Ingrid cries.

Freya and Ingrid draw pentagrams in the ground and cast the spells. Adam and Elise leave.

Joanna and Wendy seem to be walking down the street. Mrs. Thatcher is cutting hydrangeas in her front yard. They ask her how she’s doing. She says that her life is perfect. Her husband walks out of the house and kisses her. The scene changes, Mrs. Thatcher is lying in a hospital bed. She’s smiling blissfully. Joanna and Wendy exit the hospital room.

This last scene surprised me. I didn’t expect the Beauchamps to be this amoral. I can take chaotic good, but they are straddling the line between chaotic neutral and lawful evil at this point. 

Close up of a tombstone in the graveyard. We see Ingrid’s name. Foreshadowing! Or sneak peek, one of the two.

End of episode. Next week we go back to Victorian times. Sounds fun!

What did you think? Did the whole "drive Mrs. Thatcher crazy" plot disturb you? It disturbed me. Poor Mrs. Thatcher really did see Joanna kill her husband. She didn't deserve the entomological lobotomy. I'm excited about the next episode though. It's Victorian apothecary time!

Update: I knew that voice sounded familiar. This episode featured the song "It's a good thing" by Gaby Moreno. She's a beautiful singer and the song is very moody. It's a great fit for the show. Gaby's big hit was "Fuiste Tú,"a duet with Ricardo Arjona, one of my favorite singers. The video they made for the song was filmed in Antigua, Guatemala and it's gorgeous.