Sunday, August 24, 2014

Witches of East End Recap, Season 2, Episode 6

Back again! Last week's episode was beyond fabulous, so I'm really expecting this one to disappoint. That's just the way this show goes. Let's see what the crazy minds at WoEE have in store for us.

Joanna’s gay BFF goes to work at the library/. He finds Ingrid on the floor. She smiles at him weirdly and tells him he’s been “chosen.” Man, I like creepy, evil Ingrid. She's great. The mandragora attacks him. Oh holy carp, I liked him. I hope he makes it.

Alex, Joanna and Wendy are making a potion in the Beauchamps kitchen. It involves bugs and what I suspect are Mauviel copper pots. That's an interesting combination. 

Frederick and Freya fight. Freya thinks he’s evil because he hung out with the creepy twincest Asgardians. Frederick denies it and pouts, but only a little bit.

Killian is hearing voices at the bar. Telepathy sucks, doesn’t it? Flee East End and head for Westchester, Killian.

Back to the Beauchamps kitchen. Alex is dipping stiletto daggers into the potion. It has to be injected into Ingrid’s skull. Well, that sounds like fun. Something, something… the Gardiner grimoire? Freya is going to Winterhaven to ask Dash for the grimoire so they can kill the mandragora. Wait? They didn’t find Dash at Winterhaven after the mandragora attacked him? What the...? Did they even look for him? And Freya's going alone? Oh, yeah, that's going to go great.

Alex, Joanna and company go to the library to look for Ingrid. They find the gay bff who is, apparently, not as crazy as the other victims. Maybe he’ll make it through. Wendy and Frederick take him away.

Alex and Joanna stay at the library and search for the mandragora. They find Ingrid lying on the floor. Joanna tabs the stiletto into her ear and Ingrid wakes up from the mandragora spell.  I'm kind of disappointed about this. I was hoping for more evil, spell-bound Ingrid. Anywho, they tell her to run home and she runs out of the library. Joanna and Alex turn to confront the mandragora who looks none too pleased.

Commercial break. Grumpy Cat is doing ads? This is one of the signs of Armageddon, right?
Frederick and Wendy are back in the house trying to heal the gay bff . But they can’t help themselves and they start bickering instead. I’m feeling less confident about gay bf’s fate.

We get to see Killian’s apartment. Yeay! It’s kind of beachy and rustic. He whines to Eva about his new powers. Eva gives him some Zen advice about letting go to attain control. He asks her why he’s never been able to read her mind. She avoids the question and seduces him.

Joanna and Alex hunt the mandragora in the library. Oh, noes! I like Alex. I don’t want her to end up dead like all the other love interests in the show.

Ingrid arrives at the house hysterical. Frederick tries to comfort her. He’s not very good at it.
Freya and Dash chat in the Winterhaven living room. Dash is now Super-Crazy Dash. Awesome. He attacks Freya who runs away. Oh, I like Super-Crazy Dash. I hope this is permanent.

Back to the house, where Ingrid is freaking out over her gay bff. Gay bff dies.

Boo. I liked gay bff. He deserved better.

Back at Killian’s, Eva casts a spell over a coffee cup. It’s in Spanish and it’s the lamest spell ever. Seriously. It’s Dora the Explorer does elementary enchantments. Ugh. I’m glad I don’t know any Latin. The Beauchamps’ spells probably read like Dr. Seuss.

But we are now back in Winterhaven which is more promising. Freya runs to… the attic? She finds the grimoire and starts looking for a spell. Dash reaches the attic door which is locked. He bangs on it and threatens Freya. Freya takes out her phone and starts texting the spell, but Dash finds her and tries to strangle her. She struggles and tries to escape.

Alex and Joanna wake up in the library. They feel fine and try to leave, but find out they can’t. They’re trapped in the library in a kind of Jorge Luis Borges montage.

But back to Winterhaven, where Dash is chasing Freya around the house with a poker. He hits her and she… shatters? Very cool! It was an illusion. Real Freya stabs him in the head with the antidote and… he’s sane again.

Boo. I liked Super-Crazy Dash.

Joanna and Alex walk around the Library of Babel. They start to bicker. Blah, blah… curse… blah, blah… love… blah, blah, blah…

Wendy, Frederick and Ingrid are making a potion at the Beauchamps house. It’s the potion from the Gardiner Grimoire. Apparently, Freya took pictures of the book and texted them. Very smart, Freya. Ooops. she didn’t text the last page. Wendy freaks out, but Freya and Dash arrive with the grimoire saving the day. Ingrid and Dash bond over being stabbed in the brain.

 This is a cute scene. I like it. The whole Dash-Ingrid thing is really growing on me. And Dash seems to be one hell of a rape counselor. Oh, no. Ingrid collapses. The mandragora is coming.

Back to Killian’s. Eva and Killian are making out. There’s wax involved and another extremely lame Spanish chant. I’m not sure, but I think she just got Killian pregnant. Either that or she just summoned her mother. Neither alternative sounds pleasant.

Back at the Beauchamps. Ingrid is in her underwear. She’s lying down on the dining room table. They douse her in oil and… set her on fire? They hear shattering glass, which seems to indicate that the mandragora has broken into the house. Wendy goes off goes to confront it. The mandragora attacks Wendy and she defends herself with her heels. Go, Wendy!

The spell works and Ingrid is free. Frederick kills the mandragora with a weird knife and the worst CGI effect ever.

Back at the library, Joanna and Alex feel the death of the mandragora.

Back at Killian’s, Eva finishes her spell. Oh, she’s making herself pregnant… that makes a lot more sense. Not sure why she’s hiding this from Killian though.

Back at the house, Freya and Wendy are terribly sorry that they doubted Frederick. It’s bonding time. Joanna and Alex arrive and Freya tells them that Frederick killed the mandgragora. There’s lots of hugging. Alex breaks out the beer.

Dash tries to leave but Freya stops him.  They argue and Dash is deliciously passive aggressive. It’s awesome. He leaves.

Alex and Joanna chat. Blah, blah, blah… I screwed up… blah, blah, blah… we had a good thing… I missed you… you hurt me….


Boo, Alex leaves. I hope she comes back. I also hope she brings her fondue pot.

Frederick is shirtless in the bathroom . He has a seizure during which he apologizes to his grandfather and says he’ll find “another way.” Foreshadowing!

Well, not as good as the last episode, but still ok. I really liked Alex, but I’m bummed about the gay bff. I’m also a bit underwhelmed about the whole “Frederick , is he or isn’t he?” plotline. It’s kind of boring. It needs a little pizzaz or something. Maybe Rat Girl can come back and seduce him? That would be cool. The Killian storyline is also a bit blah, but I have high hopes for Eva’s santera grandmother. I hope she doesn’t disappoint. I’m also kind of excited about Dashgrid. I really hope they go all Bonnie and Clyde and ride off into the sunset killing random magical creatures. That would be awesome.

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