Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Vacation- Lutsen MN

We visited Minnesota's North Shore this summer. This trip was part leisure, but it was also part research. I'm fleshing out my next series, a science fiction small town romance (yeah, I know) called Crater Lake. It takes place in -- you guessed it -- northern Minnesota.

We stayed at the Lutsen Resort, which was fabulous, with comfortable cabins and great foods. We even roasted marshmallows on the beach! We visited Grand Marais, bought some art and ate Norwegian pizza.

It was good!

I was afraid it was going to be all kitschy and touristy, but, thankfully, it wasn't. I found a lot of inspiration in the gorgeous rocky beaches...

And spooky lighthouses...

Can you see the fog over the lake in this pic. It's really impressive. The lake temperature is so cold that the warm air condenses when it touches it. It's very creepy in a John Carpenter way.

And there's also the mystery of Devil's Kettle Falls. We didn't get a chance to go this time, but we will definitely visit them next summer.

So Crater Lake is taking shape. There's a town, there's a centuries-old lake caused by a meteorite strike, there's plenty of UFO sightings, and there's a small population that may be more than it seems... Now I just have to write it. :)