Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Paranormal Romance Tour Book Review - Marilyn Vix's Beware of Warlocks Box Set

My next review is for Marilyn Vix's super-funny and super-sexy box set, Beware of Warlocks. The stories are all novelettes and, although, they don't have cliffhangers, per se, you do have to wait for the third book to get the HEA.

Never Marry A Warlock

Catherine Banks is a very pissed off witch. She's just found her husband, Richard, a powerful warlock in bed with her best friend Cassie. Her response is to blast them both with a spell and then take her luxurious Jaguar and take a road trip, as far away from the culprits as possible.

Her road trip, however, is interrupted by a sexy Australian hitchhiker. Catherine is sick of warlocks and a human fling, she decides, is just what she needs. But her nasty ex-husband is not going to let bygones be bygones and her road trip quickly turns into a high-stakes chase.

Never Marry a Warlock is a sexy, fun novelette with a kick-ass protagonist (literally, she magically kicks Richards butt clear across the room) and a vivid road trip motif (I want Cat's clothes, sunglasses and car!)

Never Fall for a Warlock

It's Vegas time, baby! Catherine gets a nasty shock when she finds out her human paramour may not be so human after all. She takes a Vegas tour to gather her wits, but finds herself distracted by a sexy Irishman named Liam. Will Catherine succumb to Vegas' temptations or will she find true love with her Aussie hunk?

As if this road trip wasn't fun enough, now we're in Vegas, magical Vegas, no less. The city is a bit different when viewed from the paranormal perspective. It's a lot more fun and exciting, for one. Catherine's still as resilient and adventurous and ever but her problems pile up and it's starting to look like she's heading for disaster. Will she be able to avoid it? I'm dying to find out.

Never Cross a Warlock

Things come to a head and Catherine has to choose between her freedom (and perhaps even more since Richard's plans are more nefarious than we feared) and her best friend's life. Can she come up with a plan to avoid a fate worse than death?

The series ends with a bang (and Elvis impersonators!) and it's just as surprising and hilarious as we expected. Lots of fun and laughs and sexiness. Highly recommended.