Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Paranormal Romance Blog Tour - What My Research Files Look Like.

One question I often get from readers is "how do you know all this stuff?" That's because the Banshee Creek books are a veritable cornucopia of obscure legends and folklore. Remember when Lorelei and Rory would go off on tangents in Gilmore Girls? My books are a paranormal version of that.

That means I'm researching stuff all the time. I usually post my research links on social media so you can have access to them if you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter. Right now, there's a couple of things that have caught my eye.

This "Ghosts and Gadgets" video by the Morbid Anatomy Museum in NY, for example:

Isn't that fascinating? I read up on this stuff and, yet, I was not familiar with the Spirit Trumpet. It sounds a lot like the Spirit Boxes my characters use. I can't wait to put a Spirit Trumpet in one of my books. I also love how he speculates that the advent of electricity and the telegraph gave rise to the Spiritualist movement. Very interesting.

The narrator, Brandon Hodge, collects spirit communication devices and he has a website www.mysteriousplanchette.com where he catalogues his collection and explains the history behind the items. That site is going to be a huge time suck for me. I love early spiritualism.

I've also been reading up on the history of the Fairfax Bunnyman. It's an old Virginia urban legend that seems to have been partly true. Again, the theory is that the legend was a response to the rapid suburbanization of the area. There's even a Bunnyman horror movie, which I'm not planning to watch because, even though I'm a paranormal romance author, I'm too chicken to watch horror movies.

Finally, I'm really into Thomas Gainsborough's ghost cat picture, The Painter's Daughters With A Cat.   Isn't it a cool picture? Can you find the cat? It took me a while to find the grinning cat.

It's the painting that inspired Alice In Wonderland's Cheshire Cat. Isn't that interesting?

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my research files. If you want more geeky paranormal awesomeness, check out my Banshee Creek series or subscribe to my newsletter and get the first Ghost Hunters After Dark novelette, One Night With The Golden Goddess.

Enjoy the rest of the blog tour!