Friday, February 26, 2016

Lucifer Recap, Episode 3 of Season 1

Lucifer's at a party.

The host is a virgin football player who seems to be an African-American version of Tim Tebow. I love Tebow so I'm definitely into this trope. Lucifer arranges for the player to get laid. So far, so good. At the party Lucifer finds out that someone is pretending to be him. He's very offended.

Next morning. The football player's date is dead. Ooopsie. Lucifer calls Chloe. She arrives and finds the girl's body floating in the pool.

The football player doesn't know who the girl is. Investigating happens. Chloe and Lucifer bicker. Lucifer finds the victim's phone. Apparently, the victim taped the football player's sexcapades. Chloe arrests the football player. The player blames Lucifer.

Lucifer thinks someone else killed the girl. There is much bickering.

Lucifer returns to the club. Maze tells him that someone with his name and credit card trashed a hotel in Tarzana. Lucifer is appalled to hear that. He's way too classy to visit Tarzana. Maze giggles hysterically. I love this scene. I love Maze.

Lucifer talks to Dr. Martin. He seems really upset about the fake Lucifer. He complains that L.A. is full of phonies. This seems to be a theme in the series, and I find it very odd. The series is set in 2016. Isis is raping children and setting people on fire. Why is the devil so angry about petty lying?

Chloe goes to interrogate the football player's agent. Lucifer is already there. The agent (after a little devilish persuasion) tells them about the football player's girlfriend. The agent hired the victim to have sex with the football player so he would leave his crazy girlfriend. The girl went nuts and the football player had to get a restraining order against her.

They track down the ex who is leaving exercise class. Before they can talk to her, her car explodes. Guess she's not guilty one.

Chloe and Lucifer interrogate the ex. She says that she went to the party last night, but she didn't kill the girl. She still loves the football player. Turns out she has an alibi because she spent three hours at the local ice cream shop drowning her sorrows in Chocolate Fudge Surprise. I kind of like the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Lucifer is not known for sympathetic side characters (odd for a police procedural) but Crazy Ex seems pretty cool in a loony way.

The police have a suspect, someone who "fixes" things for the rich and famous. She won't talk to the L.A.P.D., but she will talk to Satan. They ask Lucifer to arrange a meeting.

People thinking that Evil Personified is a better option than the L.A.P.D. seems to be a theme with this series. I wonder if they are editorializing. I'm watching the O.J. series so I know the L.A.P.D. sucks, but, are they really worse than Satan?

Lucifer meets with the "fixes." (fabulous music, btw). Before he can mention their case, she offers to take care of Lucifer's impostor problem. Lucifer hires her on the spot. The police aren't happy.

The "fixer" brings Lucifer his impostor. I'm not sure what this subplot is about. The impostor is kind of meh. Maybe that's the point? I dunno. Maze and Lucifer really get into the whole "punishing the impostor" thing. Lucifer swears to destroy him.

Really? For identity theft? You know what, Lucifer? Drive across town and go to East L.A. You'll find plenty of murderers and rapists there. Punish them.

Lucifer changes his mind and the guy leaves. Maze is very disappointed. The police arrive and arrest the "fixer" person who says that she liked the victim and promised she would protect her. Apparently, she was the one who hired the victim. The agent told her to do it.

They think the agent did it, but don't have proof.  They confront him and get him to admit that he was at the party. The agent was collecting blackmail material so the player wouldn't leave him. The victim freaked and so he killed her.

Wait, what? Young players almost never leave their agents. Agents never get this attached with newby players. No matter how much hype the kids has coming out of college, he's still pretty much a toss-up at the NFL level (see Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow, RGIII, etc...) Given the Tebow parallels this is a ludicrous motive for a crime. An agent killed someone so Tim Tebow wouldn't leave his roster? I'm a rabid Tebow fan and even I don't buy that. I love this show, but the mysteries are very unsatisfying. The motivations seem completely out of whack.

Forget it. I'm not going to worry about it. Lucifer loses control and pushes the agent through a glass wall. Why? I have no idea. Chloe stops him from killing the agent. The football player gets back together with the girlfriend.

Lucifer has another session with Dr. Martin. She thinks that he likes the idea of seeking justice more than the idea of punishing.

Chloe tries to figure out how Lucifer pushed the agent through the glass.

Another episode where I love the banter and the characters and find the mystery underwhelming.  I really hope they add a supernatural element to the crimes (maybe those escaped demons Archangel Douchebag mentioned). That would spice it up.

My favorite song in this episode is "Where the Devil Won't Go" by Elle King. It's fantastic.