Friday, February 19, 2016

Lucifer Recap, Episode 2 of Season 1

Credits roll. The music in this show is fabulous. Very appropriate.

Lucifer walks down the street and meets a fake preacher. Somehow he is very offended by the fact that they guy is just putting up a show. I'm kind of confused about this. Why is this such a big deal? Why not attack the shell game people or the Reiki massage quacks?

Anywho, we cut to a scene between him and Dr. Martin. He tells her that he is the devil and she says that "she can work within his metaphor." I love Dr. Martin. She's cute.

Lucifer returns to his club. Chloe is there doing undercover surveillance. Maze serves her a drink and tells her that she "followed him [Lucifer] through the gates of Hell." I love Maze too.

Lucifer and Chloe banter then she gets called to a case. The son of a movie star was killed in a car accident. He was being chased by a paparazzi. Chloe seems to know the pap. Lucifer shows up. He figures out that Chloe hates the paparazzi, so he interrogates him. The pap confesses, but Lucifer forces the truth out of him. He didn't do it. Chloe wants to prove his innocence even though she hates him. Lucifer seems very intrigued by this.

It's been only a few minutes and I've already lost interest in this mystery. I know I find the police procedural part of the show boring, but this must be a record.

More fabulous music. We are now in Lucifer's apartment. It is so fabulous I wrote a whole blog about it.

Archangel Douchebag returns. Threats are exchanged. Douchebag tells Lucifer that his time on earth is changing him. Lucifer scoffs.

Chloe is reviewing evidence in her house.  Apparently, she's not supposed to? I must have missed that. The beach cottage is so amazing, I also wrote a blog post about it. Lucifer arrives. He asks how Chloe can afford this place. Chloe explains that it belongs to her mother. I really want to meet Penelope. She sounds fabulous.

Lucifer breaks into the prison and interrogates the paparazzi. It's not about the case, though. He wants to know about Chloe.

The paparazzi hounded Chloe at her father's funeral. Chloe flipped out and punched the camera.

I'm kind of underwhelmed by this.

Anyway, the pap has always felt guilty about this (really? color me skeptical). Lucifer forces him to confess that he's protecting someone. He doesn't get a name though. I guess Lucifer's mind torture skills are rusty. Or maybe that's part of the change?

Chloe is visiting the victim's father, who was an amazing pool (sorry, real estate is a bit of an obsession of mine). The dad is feeling guilty. Chloe tells him that he thinks the pap is not guilty. The dad says it may be another one of the paparazzi, but he doesn't know the name.

Back at Lucifer's club. Maze is being bitchy. I could watch this forever. Lucifer reacts badly. Chloe shows up and Lucifer calms down.

Chloe and Lucifer go to a red carpet even looking for the other paparazzi. Lucifer taunts them. One of them takes the bait, but disappears.

Chloe's kitchen. She's chatting with her ex who gives her some info on the case. The red carpet incident is on the gossip news and they're afraid that Trixie will find out about the "Hot Tub High School" Movie. I don't understand why. This is L.A. Doesn't everyone have a soft porn movie in their past?

They track down the second pap, but get nothing. The pap is fixated on getting the first picture, and may be staging his pics. Lucifer seems to be appalled by the thought, which is strange.

Chloe and Lucifer discuss the case. They think the second pap did it, but they don't have any proof. Maze overhears the conversation, and adds some bitchy commentary. She's fabulous.

Chloe talks to the first pap about the second pap, who he mentored. He also seems appalled by the fact that Josh faked his pics. I thought all paps staged photos. Heck, it's a main element in one of my books (Snowbound with Ghost, if you must know). I researched this. I know I'm right.

Anywho, in Lucifer-land, everyone is appalled at paparazzi misbehavior. It's like Casablanca, I guess. The first pap knew that the second pap was in an accident and covered for him. Why? Apparently, he has a soft spot for his protégé.

Lucifer and Maze go to get the second pap. Maze seems really excited about this.

I'm somewhat confused. Two demons raining down punishment? For a measly vehicular manslaughter? It seems excessive. I don't really care, though, because Maze is badass.

Dark alley. Lucifer gets Pap 1 and Maze gets Pap 2. Maze is fantastic. Lucifer gives them two guns. Pap 2 grabs one and shoots Pap 1.

Ooops, there's no bullets. Pap 1 grabs the gun and aims it at Pap 2.

Chloe gets there. She asks Pap 1 not to shoot.

Pap 1 shoots. Lucifer summons Archangel Douchebag. Time slows down and Lucifer plucks the bullet off the air. Archangel Douchebag leaves. Apparently, he was summoned solely for his time-slowing effect. Maze rolls her eyes. She looks like she's thinking "I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I hope it was fun." I'm with Maze.

Douchebag leaves and time resumes its flow. Everyone is confused. The police arrive. Chloe saw Pap 1 shoot and she doesn't understand what happened. Lucifer is evasive.

Chloe goes home. She talks to Trixie about "Hot Tub High School." Trixie already knows about it and thinks it's NBD. Cool kid.

Cut to Lucifer's therapy session with Dr. Martin. They're not wearing much clothing. Blah, blah, blah...Lucifer's changing...blah, blah.

Chloe goes to visit the music producer from Episode 2. He's in the mental hospital and starts banging his head against the plexiglass when asked about Lucifer.

That's it. The end.

I found this episode unsatisfying. The "murder" was really an accident and I don't understand why everyone is so appalled at the paparazzi peccadilloes. It was tragic, I know, but it wasn't a cold-blooded, premeditated death. I also don't understand why the paps are covering up for one another (at first I thought they were related, but that didn't seem to be the case) or why Lucifer can't get a confession and has to summon Archangel Douchebag to stop a bullet. He seems oddly underpowered in this episode.

On the other hand. I love the banter and Maze was fabulous.

See you next time.